Wikileaks – From rape to the West Bank

Interestingly Women Against Rape activists, Canadian Jewish feminist, Noami Klein, and the American Jewish feminist, Noami Wolf, have questioned the rape allegations against the Wikileaks editor-in-chief, Julian Assange (in British custody now), who is accused of rape by two Swedish women, Ardin and Wilen.

According to Australian paper Crikey, Anna Ardin, who also goes by the name Bernardin, has moved to the West Bank ruled by pro-US Mahmoud Abbas, as part of a Christian outreach group, aimed at bringing reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis. She has moved to the small town of Yanoun (population 1990), which sits close to Israel’s security/sequestration wall. Yanoun is constantly besieged by fundamentalist Jewish settlers, and international groups have frequently stationed themselves there.

Ardin recently mocked her detractors and the press by tweeting: “CIA agent, rabid feminist / Muslim lover, a Christian fundamentalist, frigid & fatally in love with a man, can you be all that at the same time …”

Both Jeff Gates and Gordon Duff has claimed Wikileaks to be another Israeli false-flag operation. Jeff Gates wrote: “What is Tel Aviv to do now that it’s known Israelis and pro-Israelis ‘fixed’ the intelligence that induced the US to war in Iraq? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Con me consistently for six decades and the relationship is over, as is Israel’s credibility as a legitimate nation state. Tel Aviv knows this. But what can the Zionist state do about it? Answer: Wikileaks”.

According to NationMaster Com. – Sweden among the European countries and Canada in North America has the highest numbers of rape cases per capita. On international level, United States comes 9th from the top while Turkey (#53) and Saudi Arabia at the bottom of the 65 countries surveyed.

Although, sex-slavery in Israel has been admitted by the Amnesty International on regular basis – the rape and child abuse hardly makes the news. On May 28, 2008 – The TIME magazine first time published an article on ‘Cloistered Shame in Israel’: “The first port of call for Haredi families faced with violence or sex crimes is often their rabbi…. Sex predators operate with ease among the ultra-orthodox communities because female victims often keep quiet, knowing that to speak out will damage their prospects of finding a husband.

The Western societies have funny concept of ‘rape’. If two people of opposite sex or of the same sex indulge into sexual affair out of marriage – it’s called “love” and not adultery or rape. However, if one of the sexual bliss partner is not “in the mood” – it’s labeled as rape. Under the Jewish law, however, adultery is only committed if a male performs sex with a married Jewish woman. This is very reason, the great majority of westerners are affraid of Islamic Shari’ah – which considers every sexual act out of marriage as a great sin (adultery).

Most Christian organizations working in the Occupied Territories are not there to help their fellow Christians being persecuted by the Jewish settlers or tell the Jewish settlers that they’re living on stolen Arab lands. In fact these Christian fanatics are there to fool the native Muslims and Christians by illegal Jewish presence. There agenda is best explained by a Moscow-based American Jewish journalist, Mark Ames, in his October 19, 2004 article, titled Save A Jew, Save Yourself!:

“The 65 million American Evangelical cultists love Jews for one simple reason: They hope to bundle every hairy Jewish ass up, air-freight them to the West Bank and East Jerusalem (once those areas have been cleansed of Muslims), and use the Jews as bait to bring upon the Rapture, as kindling in the Apocalypse, the final battle that will bring Jesus back to Earth. None of this can happen until every last Jew is penned into the occupied territoriesand the Jews won’t get there unless the far-right runs Israel and America. Currently 65 million American cultists are using everything in their power, from prayer to politics, to make this Helter Skelter scenario come true.”

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