Iranophobia: ‘Figment of imagination’

“Death to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” a special prayer conducted in Ultra-Orthodox ‘Sukat David School in Jerusalem on Purim, February 25, 2007.

Professor Ira Chernus (University of Colorado), is a Jewish religious scholar, author and peace activist. He defines Iranophobia as “An excessive, irrational fear of Iran, almost always expressed as fear of a nuclear-armed Iran“.

Professor Ira in his latest artitle, titled Iranophobia: The Panic of the Hegemons provides some interesting Israeli reasons behind Zionist-regime’s ‘Iranophobia’ – but when discussing the Western ‘Iranophobia’, he tries to shy-away from mentioning the Jewish and Chritian Zionist Israel Lobby groups in the US, Canada, Britain, France, German, Australia, Russia, etc.

Here are some of the reasons behind Zionists’ Iranophobia, mentioned by Ira Chernus:

1. Domestic tension between the secular (Khazarian European Jews) and the Orthodox (Arab and North African) Jews. After 1979 Islamic Revolution became the target of secular Jews for the same reasons they had been targeting their fellow Orthodox Jews. Ira believes that a similar paradox exists in United States where secular elite feel threatend by Iranian theocracy, which is not true. There are more religious fanatics (Jews and Christian Zionists) than the entire population of Iran. Both Republican and Democrat parties are controlled by these pro-Israel anti-Muslim fanatics who keep on threatening the Iranian people with nuclear attack every other day. None of Iranian lawmaker is on record for calling Ahmadinejad administration to attack Israel or US forces in the neighboring countries unless Iran is attacked first. The US maintains its military bases in dozen of foreign countries (10 surrounding Iran) and Israel has attack all its neighboring countries since its birth in 1948. Contrary to that, Iran has not attacked any of its neighboring countries for the last 150 years.

As American investigating journalist Max Blumenthal wrote that the Islamophobic Crusade is conducted and funded by pro-Israel Jewish groups ranging from Anti-Defamation League to Israel Lobby (AIPAC).

2. Iranophobia first appeared during the Egyptian-Israeli peace negotiations in the late 1970s and early 1980s. To convince Israelis that peace could be made with the Arabs it was, at the same time, also ‘necessary’ to construct the image of threat from elsewhere. “Israel needs an existential threat”. That’s precisely what David Ben Gurion is quoted saying: “Israel need conflicts and wars for its survival”.

Wars and conflicts, like the Holocaust, is a very profitable business for Israel. It has not only generates hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayers money from the US and Germany – it also help Israel to shut-up any criticism of its state terrorism.

3. While criticizing the political elites and media in both the US and Israeli for stiring up anti-Islam hysteria – Ira project the lie of the establishment by calling Iranian regime “repressive” and “undemocratic”. I wonder, which country, the good professor had in mind to compare Islamic-regime with. Could he be thinking of the US, France, Germany or Australia – where the “democracy” is run by pro-Israel Jewish minorities and the governments treat Muslims like their ancestors used to treat their Jewish minorities in the past.

4. Professor Ira believes that “ever-tighter sanctions and covert efforts to destablize the government and constant drumbeat for military attack – is counterproductive. It only strengthens the hold of current leadership and thereby undermines the forces working for secular democracy”. So finally, the cat is out of the bag – the good-old Jewish professor himself is an ‘Islamophobe’.

5. Ira says that since both the US and Israel already have stockpiles of nuclear bombs, it’s ridiculous to fear from a nuclear Iran in the distant future which he calls Zionists’ “only figment of imagination. But logic never cured a phobia”. I say AMEN to that. However, the story doesn’t ends here. Middle East is heartland of Islamic civilization – and had played springboard for many Islamic revival movements in the past. Therefore, the western colonialists want a bully to pre-empt any future Islamic revival – and that ‘bully’ is the Zionist regime which has been fed and protected by the western governments. An economically and military powerful Iranian regime will force Washington to come in terms with it which eventually will result in further isolation of Israel – and that’s the main reason for the ‘Iranophobia’ to be kept in circulation.

Early this month MJ Rosenberg wrote in Ending Aid to Israel that the only way to make the Zionist-regime conduct its policies in a civilized way within the international community would be to stop the billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money being given to it every year.

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