Ashkenazi: Hamas got Hizbullah missiles

Israel Occupation Force (IOF) Chief Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi has told Knesset’s Foreign affairs and Defence Committee that one Hizbullah-type anti-tank Kornet missile fired by Hamas penetrated Israel’s pride Merkava tank’s shell earlier this month but as a (Jewish miracle) failed to explode.

During the 2006 34-day war with Lebanese Islamic Resistance, IOF lost 10% of its Merkava tanks (20 tanks) as result of Hizbullah’s Kornet missiles. According to Israel business news (Globes), 49 Merkava tanks were hit killing 33 Jewish soldiers inside. One captured tank is on display at Beirut’s ‘Spider’s Web’ museum. Watch video below.

The idea of the local production of Merkava tank was conceived by IOF Major-General Israel Tal in 1969. After its poor performance during the 2006 war against Hizbullah – the Globes reported in 2006 that its foreign buyers have backed-down and its production could be shut-down in the next four years. According to Israel’s ministry of finance, the Merkava project has cost over US$11 billion (read cost to the US taxpayers).

The Kornet anti-tank missile is a pride of the former USSR military. It was applied very successfully by Iraq against US Abrams during the 1991 Gulf War. Weighing about 63 pounds, the Kornet and its guidance system can be easily carried and operated by one or two soldiers. The missile contains high explosives specially arranged within the warhead. Just before the missile impacts a tank’s armor, the “shaped charge” explodes and produces a jet of heat that burns through the tank’s metal skin.

The Zionist-regime, as expected, has been blaming both Tehran and Damascus. Syria is blamed for providing Hizbullah with anti-tank missiles like Russian-made Kornet-E, Vampyr RPG-29s, SA-16 shoulder-fired Surface-to-Air missile (SAM), one of which was suspected in shooting down Israeli CH-53 helicopter on August 12, 2006, in Southern Lebanon – killing all its five Jewish crewmen.

The Zionist regime which receives annual US military donation of US$3 billion in the shape of most advanced war-planes, guided-system, tanks, helicopters and live ammunition – has blamed Iran for supplying Hizbullah with Noor (anti-ship missile), Ababil-3 (Unarmed Combat Aerial Vehicles) in addition to a lrage amount of Katyusha rockets – all of which were used by Hizbullah during 2006 against the 30,000-strong invading Jewish Army. According to IOF sources – the most deadly weapon in Hizbullah’s arsenal is the non-used Iranian Zelzal-2 with a range of 210km, reaching Tel Aviv.

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