Palestinian Psychiarist for Netanyahu

Last year, Israeli prime minister, Benji Netanyahu’s psychiarist Moshe Yaton committed suicide, leaving a note for Netanyahu: “You sucked the life right out of me. I can’t take anymore”. I am sure Zionazi the sociopath could have survived without a psychiarist all these months.

However, there is good news for Bibi in case he would not mind letting a Palestinian award-winning psychiarist, living in Gaza ghetto, to examine his evil Zionazi mental decease. The psychiarist, I have in mind, is no other than Dr. Eyad Al Sarraj, who on Tuesday won Sweden’s 2010 Olof Palme Prize in recognition of his “self-sacrificing and defatigable struggle for common sense, reconciliation and peace in the Middle East”. Sarraj is due to receive the prize which comes with US$75,000 on January 28, 2011 at an official ceremony at the Swedish parliament.

Ironically, the prize is established in the memory of Swedish Prime Miminster Olof Palme, who was known for his criticism of Israeli occupation and had voiced his support for resolving the Palestinian problem according to United Nations’ resolutions. Olof was gunned down on March 1, 1986 by a Mossad hitman.

Another great Swedish political leader who supported the Palestinian cause was country’s Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh. She also became a victim of Mossad assassination on September 11, 2003. Anna was quoted calling Israeli prime minister Gen. Ariel Sharon “Maniac” and US president George Bush “Fool”.

Israel-Lobby is very powerful in Sweden. The Swedish mainstream media is own by Bonnier Zionist Jewish family. Jewish power was manifested recently how Julian Assange was mistreated once he started releasing some Israeli hidden skeltons. In February 2010, when Malmo Mayor equated Zionism to racism and asked Sweden Jewish communities to stay away from supporting Israel – the Swedish media called Mayor Ilmar Reepalu an ‘anti-Semite’. However, the same media stood behind anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders’ ‘freedom of press’ rights.

The current Swedish Ambassador to Israel, Elisbet Borsiin Bonnier, is member of Boonier media dynasty in Sweden. She raised hell when Swedish daily Aftonbladet published a report in August 2009 – claiming that the Jewish Army soldiers “killed Palestinians in order to trade in their organs”.

The first Swedish official who became the victim of Jewish terrorism was the UN appointed negotiator between the Arabs and the Jewish settelers, Count Folke Bernadotte. In his progress report (September 16, 1948) he recommended that the UN affirms the “right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in Jewish controlled territory at the earliest possible date”. The Zionist Jews responded in their own way. Next day Count was murdered by a member of Yitzhak Shamir’s Jewish terrorist militia Stern Gang. Michael Collins Piper had claimed in his book ‘Final Judgment’ that Shamir was involved in the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and the failed assassination attempt on British Prime Minister Lord Moyne in Egypt because “he was an enemy of Jews and Zionism” (sounds like Iranian President Ahmadinejad!).

Jews make 18,000 in country’s total population of nine million. Muslims make around 300,000 of different ethnic groups with Iranians in majority. There is only one Swedish Muslim magazines worth mentioning – Minaret.


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