Chomsky and the ‘legitimation of Israel’

Noam Chomsky in his recent Op-Ed in the New York Times, titled ‘Breaking the Israel-Palestine Deadlock’, have come up with a novel way of helping the Zionist entity. He suggests that the current world-wide delegitimation of Israel momentum can be reversed by “those concerned with Palestinian rights should call for Israeli takeover of the entire West Bank, followed by an anti-apartheid struggle of the South African variety that would lead to full citizenship for the Arab population there”.

Chomsky’s anology of Jewish-ruled Israel with White-ruled South Africa is nothing but his making fun of history. Though both lands were colonized by European imperialist settlers – the White colonialist in South Africa always remained in minority (9%), so was the case in British occupied Indian sub-Continent. On the other hand, the foreign Jews have become a huge majority (80%) in the Ocuupied Palestine.

Chomsky rightfully admits that the two-state solution is dead and the global delegitimation of Israel has become a serious problem. He cites Human Rights Watch call in December to suspend aid to Israel to the amount Zionist regime spend on building new illegal Jewish settlements and monitor US private Jewish and Zionist tax-exempt organizations which send money to Israel. He also cites that Amnesty International has already called for arms embargo against Israel.

However, when citing the South American countries which have announced to recognize an independent Palestine State (if PA unilaterly declares it), Chomsky distorted the areas under that state. “Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil recognized the State of Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank), bringing the number of supporting nations to more than 100,” he wrote. In reality they all have recognized the Palestine State based on Israel’s 1967 borders (Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem).

Since Chomsky doesn’t address the Palestinians’ Right of Return, the Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians will always stay a minority in their ancestral land.

When it comes to Palestinian cause, Jeff Blankfort, has called Chomsky, a Liability. In the Op-Ed, Noam Chomsky repeats his denial of the Israel Lobby’s (AIPAC) grip over US administration. “There is also a powerful Israel lobby, though of course dwarfed by the business and military lobbies,” he wrote.

Critical cultural facts apply, too. Christian Zionism long precedes Jewish Zionism, and is not restricted to the one-third of the US population that believes in the literal truth of the Bible. When British Gen. Edmund Allenby conquered Jerusalem in 1917, the national press declared him to be Richard the Lionhearted, finally rescuing the Holy Land from the infidels,” wrote Chomsky.

The Bible these Zionists believe is Scofield Study Bible, which happens to be a distorted version of Bible – created by the Zionists. Richard the Lionhearted did not achieve victory. His army was defeated in the 3rd Crusade and Richard the Lionhearted who had executed 3,000 Muslim prisoners, men, women and children earlier in Acre was captured by Sultan Salahuddin’s soldiers. Instead of executing the King of England, Sultan treated him as a ‘royal guest’ and let him return to England. King Richard had offered earlier his sister Joan of England in marriage to Sultan’s brother with Jerusalem as the “wedding gift”.

Chomsky admits that the US is NOT an “honest broker” between the Israeli Jews and the Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. He also believe that Palestinians’ aspiration for an independent Palestine cannot be realized without the approval of US-Israel. In other words, since it’s not going to happen in the near future, the Palestinian should abandon their armed resistance against the Jewish occupation of their land.

The good-old Jewish academic has very simple solution for the 1.5 million natives besieged inside the tiny Gaza Strip. “Defending itself from the “demographic problem” – too many non-Jews in a Jewish state – and meanwhile severing besieged Gaza from the rest of Palestine”. In other words, a ghetto-style Palestinian State in the besieged Gaza Strip only.

6 responses to “Chomsky and the ‘legitimation of Israel’

  1. Chomsky is a complete psychopath. He is well aware of the ongoings of the Zionist aristocracy and their plans. He is a pied piper who leads my ignorant goy family straight to slaughter. Nothing he says has any credibility. Every word that leaves his lips is a psy-op. I am sure he salivates over every horrific white phosphorous attack.

    By the way, I have been reading here regularly and I really appreciate your understanding of things. Would you mind sharing with me your thoughts on Putin and Ahmadinejad.

  2. Chomsky is right. If you add the Arab population of the 1948-Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, and Golan Heights, it comes to 5.3 million people. The Jewish population in 1948-Israel, West Bank, Jerusalem, and Golan is 5.2 million. Arabs already outnumber Jews in all the territories and lands of Israel and the occupied territories. For Israel to annex West Bank and Gaza, Jews would become only 48% of the total population. This is an excellent article breaking down the population statistics of Israel and West Bank/Gaza

  3. americashouldbefirst – According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics – in 2009, the native Palestinian population in West Bank (2.45 million), Gaza Strip (1.5 million) and Israel (1.4 million) out of the estimated total Palestinian population of 10.9 million. Israeli demographic experts have predicted that by 2050, the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians will out-number the Jewish population of Israel.

    Thanks for the comment.

    • Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians already outnumber the Jewish population since 2005, that is the whole point here, and the reason why Chomsky is calling for Israel to annex West Bank and Gaza. Looking at historic Palestine, which includes 1948-Israel, Gaza, and West Bank, out of a total population of 10.5 million people today, 5.3 million are Palestinian Muslim/Christian, and only 5.2 million are Jewish. Jews are 48% of the total population of the land they control today, therefore Jews are a minority and Palestinians are the majority.

  4. According to Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, another fact is that Arabs are the majority of the population in the Northern District of Israel, where they are 52.5% of the population, and Jews are 44.2%

  5. Liberte – Thanks for being a part of this blog.

    I have already written about Dr. Ahmadinejad here:

    On Putin and Russia – you can read my views here:

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