Nasrallah and Tunisian ‘Yasmine Revolution’

I am not sure if the term ‘Yasmine Revolution’ coined by the Western media for the current Tunisian public rising against former dictator Ben Ali and his local and foreign collaborators in the US, Israel, France, Germany and Itlay – is stolen from Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1987 ‘soft revotion’ or it’s named after Yasmina Torjman, wife of French Industry Minister Eric Besson. Yasmina is niece of Tunisian-French millionaire Tarak Ben Ammar, who with Italian Silvio Berlusconi owns the Tunis-based Arabic-French-English Nessma TV.

After failed to bring a ‘soft revolution’ in Lebanon – Ben-Obama’s Israell-Firster Assisstant Secretary of State for the Middle East, Jewish Jeffrey Feltman, has just returned from Tunisia where he offered American ‘help in running a fair and honest’ election’. Yep, we saw that Zionist ‘fairness and honesty’ during and after the elections in Palestinian Territories (2006), Lebanon (2009), Afghanistan (2010) and Egypt (2010).

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in a recent speech hailed Tunisians’  struggle for freedom and dignity. He also warned the Tunisians against the Zionists’ agenda to tarpedo the current revolution.

“We’ve heard yesterday that Feltman has headed to Tunisia. This is bad omen. The Tunisian people should be aware because when Feltman wants to talk procedures and elections with the interim Tunisian Government, this definitely means an American conspiracy in the making. Wherever this juggler Feltman appears, desolation and strife appear with him.”

French political analyst, Thierry Meyssan, in an article, titled Washington facing the ire of the Tunisian people, wrote:

“The Tunisians, considered as depoliticised and malleable, proved to be extremely muture. They realised that the Mohammed Ghannouchi cabinet is tantamount to the earlier version without Ben Ali. Despite some cosmetic changes, the bosses of the sole ruling party (RCD) held on to the key ministries. The UGTT trade unionists refused to be associated with the U.S. manipulation and walked out of the coalition government.

Tunisian street power is still alive, with the people expanding the slogan that had been handed down to them: “RCD (the pro-West ruling party), out!”. In the villages and workplaces, they stalk the collaborators of the fallen regime.

Contrary to what has been reported by the Western media, the insurrection is not yet over and the Revolution has not yet commenced. It is clear that Washington has channeled nothing at all, except for western journalists. Today, even more than last December, the situation is out of control”.

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