Muslim Brotherhood, Zionists and Egyptian protests

“I think this is absolute total misreading of history. The Muslim Brotherhood is a mortal enemy of our civilization, they say so openly,” Newt Gingrich, former Republican House Speaker and ‘Israel-First’ Islamophobe said on CNN recently.

Interestingly, a rebutal to Newt Gingrich’s anti-Muslim Brotherhood came from a very unexpected source – Queen Noor of Jordan, who told Piers Morgan (CNN, February 7, 2011) that no future stability can be achieved in Egypt ( Jordan and Syria) without taking the Muslim Brotherhood’s participation in the governing process.

 “The Muslim Brotherhood is one of many groups throughout the region that have points of view that need to come to the table, need to be part of the dialogue and the governance-building process, if you will, but they’re only one of a multitude of other groups,” said Queen Noor.

The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimun), though banned as a political party in Egypt – is the largest and most organized religious and political Islamic movement in both Egypt and Jordan. It also carries significant influence in Occupied Palestine (Hamas) and Syria.

Muslim Brotherhood, though the oldest Islamic movemnet in the Middle East – has totally failed to bring democracy, justice, gender and financial equality into Egypt, because like the later date Islamic movements in Pakistan, Tunisia, and Morocco – it has tried to establish Islamic governance by participating the same post-colonial secularist system created by the anti-Islam West to keep Islam out of politics.

In March 1928, Imam Hassan al-Banna along with six other Islamic activists established Ikhwan, a halaqa (group) as a welfare and Da’wa group. He was invited by British ambassador in Cairo on tea and praised al-Banna for his good character and his social activities. Ambassador even offered him British assistance for his work. The Imam listened patiently, then told the Ambassador that Egypt and all its money is the property of the Egyptian people and that Britain’s time in Egypt was coming to an end. Al-Banna was exiled to Upper Egypt in 1948. On the 12th of February 1949, on a sunny crowded market in Cairo Imam Hassan al-Banna was martyred by an assasin. No one was ever charged with the murder by the British occupation authority.

The Muslim Brotherhood has since the martyrdom of Hassan al-Banna survived all attempts to stifle it. Not only did it grow even stronger in Egypt, but it created branches in all the Arab countries. The Islamic resurgence manifest in the Arab world today owes its origin directly or indirectly to the Muslim Brotherhood Organisation. MB was dissolved in Egypt in 1948. After 1952 military coup, MB was banned and its members persecuted. Among those were Sayyed Qutb and Zainab al-Gazzali. Muslim Brotherhood entered Egyptian politic during the 1980s by fielding independent members. In 2005 election, 45 MB-supported members won Parliament seats. Getting a signal from Washington-Tel aviv, Mubarak cracked down the MB.

Muslim Brotherhood, like Lebanese Islamic Resistance, doesn’t get financial aid from any foreign country. Both organizations are supported by members’ donations and investment in several fields.

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) spokesman has confirmed on the organization’s official website that the current protests against Hosni Mubarak is not an Islamic Revolution like the 1979 Iranian revolution – but a public uprising against a tyrant regime and that MB is in-league with the secular opposition groups. However, pro-Israeli Jewish leaders, being allergic to anything Islamic, are admitting their MBphobia. For example Isi Leibler, former chairman of World Jewish Congress has commented in Jerusalem Post that though he not a supporter of Hosni Mubarak – he fears the post-Mubarak era. “I think they will practice the same restraint as Hamas practices, because they’re soul brothers, those two groups. They are identical.  They have ideological origins and they are extremist fundamentalists, and if they play the game, it will only be temporarily,” said Liebler. I wonder why the Zionazi forgot to include Hizbullah as the third ‘soul brother’!

2 responses to “Muslim Brotherhood, Zionists and Egyptian protests

  1. hello rehmat i like this blog and to answer your last question..

    i think they dont fear the shia state or its allies and i remember maulana imran hosein in one of his lectures said that its not an coincidence that they gave the shia revolution the green light back in 79 and as soon anybody “sunni” comes up with the caliphate ALL the world team up and try to destroy it ..just look at afghanistan and taliban…and yes taliban did some things that wasnt very smart but they did want the caliphate and try to restore it-

    and i think that if they had been on the power in a couple of more years and build a more stable military then they would liberate the other states surrounding afghanistan ike turkmenistan , uzbekistan etc…..and then the west would have the biggest threat ever on it hands and thats why they attacked. even the shias sent their TOP military quds to fight the mujahedins..that tells you everything you need to know about them and ..i laugh when i see them calling themselfs the islamic state they are a threat just like the zionist state.

  2. fireo – let me correct your thinking a little bit.

    Zionists or other anti-Muslims – are not affraid of either Shias or Sunnis. They’re affraid of Islam, the faith. Have you ever heard that when they attack Muslim regions with F16s – they asked whether the people down there are Shias or Muslims before they dropped WMDs on them? Remember what they did to Bosnians, who were both Sunni and Shia Sufis in the early 1990s. Most of the victims only carried Muslim names and did not practiced Islam in their lives.

    Shias call their country ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’ and Sunnis call their country ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. However, while all of IRI’s Presidents and Prime Ministers happened to be practicing Shias – the great majority of IRP have been alcohlic and women lovers, corrupt and in favor of recognizing the Zionist state. Then we have the Sunnis Wahhabis who named the sacred cities of Makkah and Medina after their former Jewish name ‘Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’.

    Many political aware people agree with me that the greatest enemy of Muslims is not the Zionists but the sectarian filth among them, who are willing to sell their mothers to keep the Muslim Ummah divided for the benefit of Zionist vampires.

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