What is bad for Israel, is bad for Jews

Before the state of Israel was planted in British mandated Palestine – Jews had a history of being expelled from almost every European country. However, the World Zionist movement using Western guilt of Holocaust – have succeeded in convincing the westerners that Israel, having far less Jewish population than the Jews in United States, represents the entire world Jewish population of 12.7 million. 

Zvi Mazael, former Israeli Ambassador in Cairo (1996-2001) told the world on Israeli ‘Channel One’ on January 28, 2011: “This (Egyptian protests) is bad for the Jews; very bad”. Zvi Mazael, while Ambassador in Sweden, had called several government ministers ‘anti-Semite’ for criticizing Israel’s Zionazi policies.

Interestingly, many Israeli and western Jews have even questioned the the very establishment of Israel to acommodate the Jews who were not welcomed in Europe in the past. For example, Israel-born writer and jazz-player Gilad Atzmon wrote on December 13, 2010: “Giving a State to the Jews was a stupid idea. But to keep supporting it is no less than sinister! The world better wake up and face the Israeli crimes”.

Israel-born Professor IIan Pappe (Haifa University and University of Exeter) in his latest article entitled Egypt’s revolution and Israel: “Bad for the Jews wrote:

The view from Israel is that if they indeed succeed, the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions are bad, very bad. Educated Arabs – not all of them dressed as “Islamists,” quite a few of them speaking perfect English whose wish for democracy is articulated without resorting to “anti-Western” rhetoric – are bad for Israel.

The gist of the Israeli narrative is simple: this is an Iranian-like revolution helped by Al Jazeera and stupidly allowed by US President Barack Obama, who is a new Jimmy Carter, and a stupefied world.

In Israel of course when you say “bad for the Jews,” you mean the Israelis – but you also mean that whatever is bad for Israel is bad for the Jews all around the world (despite the evidence to the contrary since the foundation of the state).

The army did not shoot at the demonstrators; and even before the departure of Mubarak, already seven days into the protests, the minister of interior who directed his thugs to violently crash the demonstrations had been sacked and will probably be brought to justice. Israel is a place where all the generals who ordered the shootings of Palestinian and Jewish anti-occupation demonstrators now compete for the highest post of Chief of the General Staff.

Not one Israeli general or politician has or is going to spend one day in jail for ordering the troops to shoot at unarmed demonstrators, innocent civilians, women, old men and children. The light radiating from Egypt and Tunisia is so strong that it also illuminates the darker spaces of the “only democracy in the Middle East.”

4 responses to “What is bad for Israel, is bad for Jews

  1. I understand that the Zionists and Israel’s defenders use the Holocaust to silence their critics (comparing Palestinians to Nazis, or saying that anti-Zionists support the extermination of Jews – it’s just despicable behavior) and justify some horrible atrocities (or Zionism itself, which resulted in a horrible atrocity in ethnically cleansing Palestine), but do you actually take Norman Finkelstein’s position on the Holocaust as you say in the post you linked to? In this post on Dissident Voice, you say that “Al-Qaeda is as much a myth as the ‘Six Million Died’ crap.” Do you just believe that the Jews’ deaths in the Holocaust were overestimated, and if so, by how much? If not, are you a Holocaust denier?

  2. Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s both parents were Holocaust survicors. Therefore, his views should have more weight than Abraham Foxman or other Israeli propagandists.

    Al-Qaeda myth was created and being kept alive by the same neocons (mostly Jewish) who blamed Muslims for the 9/11. “Al-Qaeda itself doesn’t exist, except in the fevered imagination of neocon and Likudnicks (Israeli Jew facists), some of whom, I suspect, it’s a myth, but find it exremely useful as a bogeyman to spook the public and the politicians to acquiesce in otherwise unacceptable policy initiatives at home and abroad, wrote R. T. Naylor, June 21, 2003.

    If challenging the Zionist figure “Six Million Died”, which originally started with “Eleven Million Died” and currently at Warsaw Holocaust Museum has come down to “2.5 Million Died” – makes one a “Holocaust denier” – then I agree with the six Rabbis who attended the Tehran Holocaust Conference (2006). They agreed that Nazis could not have killed more than “One Million Jews”. And what would you call someone who doesn’t believe that Jews killed 1.7 million German Christians after the D-Day as part of Jewish “Vengeance”?

  3. I don’t know about whether Al-Qaeda is real or not, and citing some alleged authority (R.T. Naylor? Never heard of him) does not prove or disprove it. However, it is common knowledge that the CIA was involved with many figures who were involved in actions claimed under the name Al-Qaeda. Osama bin Laden himself, for example, was a CIA asset, which has led some to term it “Al CIAda”. I think we both agree on that.

    Could the term “Eleven Million Died” have simply referred to the total death toll? I’m sure that you can agree that the Nazis killed millions of people, and if the figures that go along with the “6 million” estimate are added to it, then it would result in that figure. I agree that the Jewish death toll estimate of 6 million could have been overestimated, it was probably at around 4 or 5 million Jews who were slaughtered, but I’m not seeing the point. How is “challenging the Zionist figure ‘6 million died'” relevant to anti-Zionism, and what does the Jewish death toll in the Holocaust even have to do with Zionism? There is nothing wrong with believing that 2.5 million Jews were murdered rather than 6, but to dispute it as a political point is rather disrespectful, in my opinion. Admittedly it is a rather conservative estimate, is that what you believe (or do you believe it didn’t happen altogether?) I can’t speak for Finkelstein, but I think that what he is trying to say is that it is the epitome of disrespect and grave-dancing to use the Holocaust as a weapon to defend Zionism and silence Israel’s critics. With that sentiment, I wholeheartedly concur. It is sickening and cheapens both Holocaust victims’ and Palestinians’ lives.

    Also, I am not accusing you of being a Holocaust denier. I am just asking if you are one.

  4. I suggest instead of wasting mine and others’ time – you should have read the link I provided – which in addition to Dr. RT Naylor had mentioned a similar statement from the Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. Now, you’re at liberty to tell the readers that like Hitler, you have never heard of Robin Cook either.

    The Jews modified their estimate of “Eleven Million Died”, because the were challenged that at the time of Hitler – the total Jewish population of Europe was less than seven million.

    The dogma of “Six Million Died” doesn’t include the millions of Gypsies and Christians were killed by the Nazis who among them had over 150,000 German Jews.

    The “Al-Qaeda” has nothing to do with your “Al CIAda”. Al-Qaeda is an Arabic term which means “maintaining recod”.

    Osama Bin Laden, like Iranian President Ahmadinejad is totally different personality than projected by the anti-Islam Zionist pigs. OBL is as much a CIA assest as Zionists claimed last year that Ahmadinejad is “Jewish”.

    Well, if you believe like the 65 million brainwashed Evangelists that Jewish blood is far more precious than Muslims or Christians – then I have no intention of waking you up from your stupid dream. Jews under Lenin and Stalin had murdered between 60-100 million Christians and Muslims in Russia and Ukraine – but no book in the West call that mass murder “a Holocasut”.

    “What really sicking is that the very Zionazis who claimed to be victims of Nazi Holocaust – are acting worse that Nazis,” quoted by two Jewish writers, Gilad Atzmon and Roger Tucker. And please don’t waste my time by telling me that you never heard of those two Jewish writer.

    You can call me a ‘holocaust denier’ or ‘Jew hater’ or “Rehmat’s mother was Jewish’ or even “Rehmat has converted to Judaism” – because I have already have all those TITLES from Israeli Hasbara dogs working 24-7-30 on the internet.

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