John Galliano irks Jewish groups

The French fashion flagship Christian Dior, has suspendend its chief designer, British designer John Galliano (born 1960) in Paris. According to British daily The Mail (February 27, 2011), Geraldine Bloch 35, gallery curator of exhibitions at Paris’s Institute of Arab World, told police that John Galliano grabbed her by hair and called her ‘ugly disgusting whore’ with a ‘dirty Jew face’ and no dress sense during an unprovoked attack (?) in a Paris cafe.

John Galliano was arrested on February 24, 2011, taken to a near police station but released without charge. His lawyer, Stephane Zerbib, went on to blast the couple’s claims and Galliano is preparing to sue the pair for defamation after he was suspended by Sidney Toledano (a Spanish Jewish family name) Chief Executive at Christian Dior.

The world-renowned fashion designer was questioned again on February 28, 2011 after British daily The Sun published video of an earlier incident at the same bar during which John Galliano had said: “I love Hitler”.

Sidney Toledano gave his reason for the dismissal as company’s ‘no tolerance’ policy. Personally, I believe in ‘no tolerance’ policy too. However, my ‘no tolerance’ policy applies to all religions and ethnic groups. The western world is always known for double standards when it comes to the ‘no tolerance’ policy. Not long ago, the Jewish communities in the West were discriminated and were expelled from almost every western country. Then Blacks became the target of western intolerance and now it’s the turn of Muslims and Arabs.

In the so-called ‘civilized’ West, when Abraham Foxman (ADL) calls the Christian Bible (NT) an anti-Jewish literature and Jewish writers make fun of Jesus or Daniel Pipes, Glenn Beck, Rev. Franklin Graham, Wilders, Flemming Rose, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, Michael Savage and many others insult Islam, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Muslims or Holy Qur’an – they’re protected under West’s ‘freedom of speech’ hoax. But when some Christian or Jewish scholars dispute Zionists’ narration of the ‘exclusive Holocaust’ – they are called ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘Jew-haters’. It’s a criminal offence to challenge the ‘Six Million Died’ story in over dozen Western countries. A Paris court fined Roger Garaudy, French philosopher, former law-maker and author, US$40,000 for his book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, which was called an ‘anti-Semitic literature’ by the French Jewish groups. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee (Jewish), who arrested Oscar award winning actor Mel Gibson on suspicion of drunk driving in 2006 has filed a lawsuit, claiming that he has been discriminated by his department – since Mel Gibson made anti-Semitic rant: “The Jews are responsible for all the wars”.

Having said that – however, I have always wondered while the Israeli Jews have been killing and expelling Semite Arab Muslims and Christians for the last 62 year – why they call their critics ‘anti-Semites’? Historically, the great majority of 12.7 million world Jewish population has Khazarian or Berber blood and are not Semite people. Anyone who studies Hitler’s life from objective sources, will learn that he was not as much anti-Jewish as he was against Gypsies. For example, Hitler’s both girlfriends, Stefanie Isak and Eva Braun were both; 150,000 German Jews joined Hitler’s Nazi Army Jewish, Hennecke Kardil in his book ‘Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel’ said that Hitler’s persecution of Jews helped World Zionist movement’s dream of mass immigration of European Jews to Palestine and even some historians believe that Hitler’s father changed his Jewish name at age 40.

Born in Gibraltar to a Spanish mother and Gibraltaran father – John Galliano was raised in South London. He lives in Paris and boasts fans including Kate Moss, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Natalie Portman and Rihanna.

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