Jewish Dissidents want regime change in Moscow

Russian Jewish dissidents living in exile in the West and Israel are running a campaign for the ouster of Russian-strongman, Vladimir Putin. The campaign is financed by Jewish billionares, who were squeezed out of Russia by Putin to the great delight of the Russian public. The Americans Jeffrey Sachs, Andrei Schleifer, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and the Russians Yegor Gaidar, Anatoly Chubais who played a major part in introducing capitalism in the USSR were all Jewish.

Turkey’s American-born ‘Islamophobe’ neocon author and writer, Claire Berlinski (married to German Jewish writer David Berlinski), who wrote in September 2010 that Mavi Marmara, which was attacked by Jewish thugs on May 31, 2010, murdering nine Turk aid workers – had nothing to do with humanitarian work. “They (Turk) do not know that there were no humanitarian supplies on the Mavi Marmara. They do not know the most rudimentary facts about Hamas. As one man said: “These are elected people. It’s not like they took over by force, via a coup”.

Last year Claire Berlinski writing for the neocon think tank Manhattan Institute (founded by former CIA director William J. Casey in 1978) City Journal (Spring 2010) had painted Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin being an ‘anti-Semite’ for discriminating wealthy Russian Jewish oligarchs. In her article entitled A Hidden History of Evil, she shows her self-denying Zionist nature once again.

“In the world’s collective consciousness, the word “Nazi” is synonymous with evil. It is widely understood that the Nazis’ ideology – nationalism, anti-Semitism, the autarkic ethnic state, the Führer principle – led directly to the furnaces of Auschwitz. It is not nearly as well understood that Communism led just as inexorably, everywhere on the globe where it was applied, to starvation, torture, and slave-labor camps,” she began her article with this rant.

YES – the word “Nazi” is synonymous with evil – not because the Nazis (150,000 German Jews among them) killed millions of Gypsies and Christians, but because they also killed (far less) Jews. The Zionist Jews with the help of Zionist Christians – divided Arab Palestine based on Jewish nationality and ethnicity. As far as communism is concerned – one doesn’t need a PhD to know that its founder Karl Marx was a Jew; Russia’s first President after Communist Revolution, Yakov Sverdlov, was Jewish and both of Russian dictatators Lenin and Stalin, who were responsible for the extermination of between 60-100 million Russian and Ukrainian Christian and Muslims, were also Jewish. The current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, allegedly has Jewish family roots too. On July 2, 2010, Medvedev visited registary office in the Jewish autonomous region of Birobidjan (may be looking for his Jewish ancestry), the first Jewish state created by dictator Joseph Stalin in 1934.

Claire Berlinski then try to exonerates two Jewish dissidents, Pavel Stroilov and Vladimir Bukovsky, among the many oligarchs of their criminal records. Stroilov, according to her has the records of Russia’s true history which is different from what is told by the Russian press. However, she wants the readers to use Israel as ‘barometer’- that’s ‘what is good for Israel, is good for the world’. She narrates Stroilov’s record of conversation between USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev and Syrian President Hafiz Assad, which reminds me the talk between President Richard Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham about the Jewish evil power in America.

“Israel’s approach is different, because the Judaic religion itself states: the land of Israel spreads from Nile to Euphrates and its return is a divine predestination,” Assad told Gorbachev to which Gorbachev responded: “But this is racism, combined with Messianism!” So, that makes Russia an evil imperial power, right!

Interestingly, the 1998 MSNBC’s list of ‘Russia’s Robber Barons: the Twelve Men who Own Russia’s Economy’ – eight were Jewish billionaires. Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vitali Malkin, Mikhail Fridman, Alexander Smolensky, Vladimir Vinogradov, and Anatoly Chubais have boasted their ‘Jewishness’ publically. The seven Oligarchs, Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Fridman, Alexander Smolensky, and Pyotr Aven and Vladimir Potanin, had all backed Boris Yeltsin with money and media support in the past.

Let us not forget Semyon Mogilevich, a Ukraine-born Jewish billionaire with Israeli passport who is believed by law enforcement agencies to be ‘boss of bosses‘ of most of Jewish Russian mafias in the world.

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  1. One can only wish America had a Putin.

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