Libya: America’s new war for oil or Israel?

American writer and PRN radio host, Steve Lendman, on March 6, 2011 posted on his blog that “major media is promoting war in Libya”. He named FoxNews, New York Times, CNN and BBC (all owned by pro-Israel Zionist Jewish or Christian families). He cited some of Fairness and Accuracy in Media’s  (FAIR) 2008 Dirty Dozen Islamophobes, like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly for spreading lies about Qaddafi and Muslims.

Last month, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had said: “We want peace for this country and for the peoples of the world. Those who immediately condemn Libya don’t talk about Israel’s bombing of Gaza or America assault on Fallujah, and the thousands and thousands of deaths including children, women, and whole families. They are quiet about the bombing and massacres in Iraq, in Afghanistan, so they don’t have the right to condemn anyone, especially from unverified reports”.

Stephen P. Cohen, former Jewish professor and currently a senior fellow at the Zionist think tank, Brookings, told RT Network that America should stop acting “shepherd” to the Arab world.

”Part of the problem in the United States is that a lot of the lessons being drawn in the media are the wrong lessons,” Stephen Cohen said. “People are saying: this is democracy. It is not and that will be a long journey. Maybe, it is the first step, but this is a long journey, this is far from certain.”

”People say this is a revolution, but as a historian, I react badly at this generalization,” he said. “In Egypt, for example, Mubarak is gone, but the regime is still there, the military regime that governs the country. That is not a revolution … at the moment it is only leader change. There is a lot of misperception,” he said. “The idea that the United States has to ‘shepherd’ these countries is a false lesson. That always ends badly. These countries will make it on their own or they will not make it at all,” added Stephen Cohen.

While the Zionist and Jewish groups are pushing for a military invasion to liberate Libyan and bring-in the so-called ‘democracy,’ which is not even practiced in the US itself – the anti-Qaddafi rebels have voiced their hatred of any such foreign military interference.

Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa. It is the major source of oil supply to Europe and especially to Italy. In 1980s when Qaddafi started criticizing the US and Israel – Mossad carried out the Lockerbie false-flag bombing operation to keep the Libyan oil flowing.

Victor Ostrovsky, the former Israeli agent in his book The Other Side of Deception wrote how Mossad and its willing partners in the US (Jewish Lobby and mainstream media) has influenced Washington’s foreign policy toward Libya and other Muslim countries for the benefit of Israel.

One response to “Libya: America’s new war for oil or Israel?

  1. Like the misconception that Zionists are Jews, and that Israel is a Jewish state, it is a misconception that a political system prevails in the US of A, in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens.
    US presidents are selected by the incredibly powerful Zionist banksters and their numerous politically active organizations. This fact I have illustrated with,, where in an embedded video, Obama loud and clear tells to whom he kowtows.
    The series of well organized destabilization presently observed along the southern shore of the Mediterranean carries the unmistakable fingerprints of the “CIA” and the US, but responsible for it all is of course the US “shadow government”, who have openly worked towards their ugly New World Order with the enthusiastic help of the US since 1898.
    What amazes me at present though, is that Muammar el-Qaddafi (who is nearly as old as I am! :-)) has allowed this situation at all to develop! Could it be that he, due to ripe age and amassed wealth, has “called it a day”… and as a final egocentric move struck a deal with the Zionists? Hmmm…

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