Fogel: ‘thou shalt not demand your wages’

Israel’s racist FM Avigdor Lieberman, while visiting the Fogel’s house in the illegal Jewish settlement of Itamar build on a land stolen from the native Palestinians, said: “This is a house of death reminiscent of the Kishinev pogrom. The State of Israel must show the world that anyone who allows acts of murder against settlers is also culpable”. 

For the readers, the so-called ‘Kishinev pogrom’ happened in Kishinev (Moldavia) on April 19, 1903 as a result of the ‘Blood Libel’ against the local Jews, who were blamed for the murder of a Christian boy named Mikhail Rybachenko, aged 14. In the aftermath of the religious riots – a few dozen Jews were murdered in revenge by the local Christians.

Now, one wonders what the Zionazi Lieberman meant by equating Fogel tragedy with Kishinev incident? The Jews in the 1903 incident were killed by Christians in Europe and not in Palestine by Muslims. They were killed because the Christian rioters believed that Jews have the habit of murdering young Christian kids for Jewish rituals.

The murder of Forgel family cannot even be equated with Deir Yassin pogrom. On April 9, 1948 – Jewish commandos belonging to Irgun, headed by Menachem Begin (later prime minister of Israel), and the Stern Gang attacked unarmed 750 residents of the village Deir Yassin and killed 100 of them, half of them women and children.

Based Jewish ‘vengeance (collateral punishment)’, Benji Netanyahu has announced to build thousands of more houses for the Jewish settlers on Arab stolen land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Israel Occupation Force (IOF) has imposed a violent curfew on Awarta village and have arrested 20 Palestinian for murder of the five members of Fogel family.

Now, here comes the real story behind the Israel’s propaganda lies. The Fogel family members were NOT victims of some Hamas terrorist operation – but the result of Fogel’s greed. Fogel had refused to pay his Asian worker wages which amounted to 10,000 shekels. The worker is suspected of committing the crime after midnight Friday using a knife then fleeing the scene to nearby Palestinian villages.

“Regardless of whom the Itamar killer turns out to be, Israel has exposed itself through its reaction to this incident as the definitive rogue state. While the killing of one family is undoubtedly a crime, the persecution of an entire people and occupation of their land under the pretext of justice is surely a crime beyond comparison,” wrote Dr. Hanan Chehata in Middle East Monitor, March 15, 2011.

According to Arabic Quds Net, the Israeli army knows of the information leading to the suspect but refuse to announce or deal with it for political as well as security reasons.

Now, before some Israeli Hasbara idiot claims that like ‘The Protocols’, the ‘Blood Libel’ is also a hoax created (not by Muslims for sure) to demonize Jews – I suggest he read the book Bloody Passovers in which its Jewish author Ariel Toaff PhD admits the existence of Jewish murders of Christian children for ritual purposes. Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow PhD, believes that the The Protocols are genuine and most propably were authored by Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812).

One response to “Fogel: ‘thou shalt not demand your wages’

  1. Well, what Lieberman does, is to act in accordance with the Zionist modus operandi, and hence in accordance with the The Protocols… which indeed are genuine. Of course they are! Observing the world around us, proves that they are… and just how incredibly well their plan is working, brings to mind some famous words by the great Zionist friend, Adolf Hitler: “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.” 😉

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