Hannah Arendt and Eichmann’s ‘show trail’

There are many ways to become an object of Zionists’ crucification. One only needs to criticize Israel or expose the true history of Zionist leaders or sympathize with those who are involved in the first two activities. Interestinly, being Jewish doesn’t spare one from such crucification. To prove my point, I can cite South African Zionist Jew, Justic Richard Goldstone who in his UN-sponsored Fact-Finding Report (submitted on September 29, 2009 in Geneva) in which he had criticized Israel’s Zionazi behavor during its 23-day attack on Gaza in December-January 2009. The other one is 50-year-old case of Prussian-born Hannah Arendt (1906-75), a committed Zionist Jewish activist in Europe and the US, who was crucified by the Jewish Lobby for exposing Israel’s lies about Adolf Eichmann, senior adviser to Hitler on the so-called ‘Jewish Solution’ in her book ‘Eichmann in Jerusalem’ published in 1963. Hannah had covered Adolf Eichmann’s trail for the New Yorker in 1961. The Zionist-regime executed Eichmann in 1961 for ‘war crime’. Currently, 15 Israel’s top government and military leaders are avoiding arrests and trails for ‘war crimes’ in several foreign countries.

Hannah Arendt’s vision of Palestine was a federated secular and democratic state for both the foreign Jews and the native Muslim-Christian Palestinians without a state religion. She was labeled an ‘Enemy of Israel’ and a ‘Self-Hating Jew’ not for her vision, but for writing the truth in her book:

“Of greater importance for Eichmann were the emissaries from Palestine, who would approach the Gestapo and the S.S. on their own initiative, without taking orders from either the German Zionists or the Jewish Agency for Palestine. They came in order to enlist help for the illegal immigration of Jews into British-ruled Palestine, and both the Gestapo and the S.S. were helpful. They negotiated with Eichmann in Vienna, and they reported that he was ‘polite,’ ‘not the shouting type,’ and that he even provided them with farms and facilities for setting up vocational training camps for prospective immigrants. (‘On one occasion, he expelled a group of nuns from a convent to provide a training farm for young Jews,’ and on another ‘a special train was made available and Nazi officials accompanied’ a group of emigrants, ostensibly headed for Zionist training farms in Yugoslavia, to see them safely across the border. According to the story told by Jon and David Kimche, with ‘the full and generous cooperation of all the chief actors’ (The Secret Roads: The ‘Illegal’ Migration of a People, 1938-1948, London, 1954), these Jews from Palestine spoke a language not totally different from that of Eichmann. They had been sent to Europe by the communal settlements in Palestine, and they were not interested in rescue operations: ‘That was not their job.’ They wanted to select ‘suitable material,’ and their chief enemy, prior to the extermination program, was not those who made life impossible for Jews in the old countries, Germany or Austria, but those who barred access to the new homeland; that enemy was definitely Britain, not Germany. Indeed, they were in a position to deal with the Nazi authorities on a footing amounting to equality, which native Jews were not, since they enjoyed the protection of the mandatory power; they were probably among the first Jews to talk openly about mutual interests and were certainly the first to be given permission ‘to pick young Jewish pioneers’ from among the Jews in the concentration camps. Of course, they were unaware of the sinister implications of this deal, which still lay in the future; but they too somehow believed that if it was a question of selecting Jews for survival, the Jews should do the selecting themselves. It was this fundamental error in judgment that eventually led to a situation in which the non-selected majority of Jews inevitably found themselves confronted with two enemies—the Nazi authorities and the Jewish authorities. As far as the Viennese episode is concerned, Eichmann’s preposterous claim to have saved hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives, which was laughed out of court, finds strange support in the considered judgment of the Jewish historians, the Kimches: ‘Thus what must have been one of the most paradoxical episodes of the entire period of the Nazi regime began: the man who was to go down in history as one of the arch-murderers of the Jewish people entered the lists as an active worker in the rescue of Jews from Europe.'”

Zionist historian, Lenni Brenner, in his book 51 Documents: Zionists Collaboration With the Nazis has reported that Adolf Eichmann was himself a Zionist and supported the creation of a ‘Jewish Homeland’ in Palestine. Hennecke Kardel in his book Adolf Hitler: Begruender Israels, says that Eichmann was a full-blooded Jew. According to Eichmann himself, he was a radical Zionist.

In November 1942, Rabbi Michael Dov-Ber Weismandel, a Jewish activist in Slovakia approached Adolph Eichmann’s representative, Dieter Wisliceny: “How much money would be needed for all the European Jews to be saved?” Wisliceny went to Berlin and returned with an answer. For mere $ 2 million they could have all the Jews in the Western Europe and the Balkans. Wesmandel sent a courier to the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in Switzerland. His request was refused. Adolf Eichmann along with his wife paid a visit to British mandate Palestine with all expenses paid by WZO.

In 1988 – Germany issued a stamp in honor of Hannah Arendt. She is burried at Bard College cemetery in New York.

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  1. Stop Chasing Ghosts

    Most of the Nazis were Jews.

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