Libya: Western war for greed and occupation

Even the former British lawmaker and anti-war activist, George Galloway, agrees with me (listen to him in video below). 

So does Kev Boyle, who wrote: “This is a humanitarian mission? The peoples of Palestine and all points east must shake their heads in bewilderment that western politicians can continue to sell this kind of nonsense to their supposedly well-educated citizens”.

The invasion of Libya is NOT for the so-called ‘humantarian’ reasons but for its huge oil, uranium and gold reserves and an attempt to sabotage the democratic process being waged in various Muslim nation-state ruled by Western-puppets. Libya is attacked by Britain, France and Canada which are governed by Israel-Firsters David Cameron, Nicholas Sarkosy and Stephen Harper. The first two have Jewish roots and the third one claims that “criticism of Israel is an old fashioned anti-Semitism”. 

Interestingly, the western donkey, the Arab League, which provided an excuse to those two Crypto-Jews and Barack Obama (in the background) to kill more Muslim enemies in Libya – is now crying ‘wolf’.

“What is happening in Libya differs from the aim of imposing a no-fly zone, and what we want is the protection of civilians and not the bombardment of more civilians,” said Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa on Sunday. I wonder when the Muslim world has friends like these, why they need Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama and Benji Netanyahu as enemies.

Andrew Murray, national chair Stop the War Coalition, wrote on March 18. 2011:

“The decision to attack Libya and impose regime change – for that is what the UN resolution means – may have been authorised by the Security Council. But it was instigated by the despots of the Arab League, desperate to secure deeper western involvement in the region to save them from their own peoples. And it will be implemented by the same powers which have wreaked such mayhem throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds over the last ten years and longer.

The imposition of a “no-fly zone”, air attacks on Libyan defences and Gaddaffi’s troops, and naval bombardments will not bring peace to Libya nor a resolution to the conflict there.

Attacking Libya and sponsoring the Gulf oligarchies’ invasion of Bahrain to prop up the threatened monarchy there – under the noses of the US fifth fleet – are of a piece. They represent a concerted effort by the western powers to first control and then bring to a halt the Arab revolutions, leaving the essentials of imperial power in the Middle East in place”.

By invading another Muslim country, Jeff Gates , might have said that Obama not only saved his life, he also got himself re-elected. 

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