Israeli Hasbara: ‘Turkey finds weapon on Iran cargo plane’

On March 22, 2011 – Israeli daily Jerusalem Post, carried headline: “Turkey finds weapon on Iran cargo plane, arrest crew”. I was puzzled why a friendly Turkish government would force two Iranian cargo planes to land at Diyarbakir city airport? According to the newspaper, Turkish authorities found rocket launchers, mortars and automatic rifles on the cargo planes en route to Syria. The Israeli military experts believe the arms were meant for Hamas.

Knowing Zionist regime’s three earlier Iranian arms shipment hoaxes (Victoria, Francop and the Karine A) – I decided to check out some reliable non-Islamist Turkish source. Here is what Turkish daily Today’s Zaman reported on March 23, 2011.

The United States, operating through NATO, reportedly demanded the landing of two Iranian cargo planes last week at a Turkish airport on suspicion of carrying nuclear weapons, pointing to UN Security Council sanctions on Iran as the reason. Turkish authorities told NATO officials that Iranian authorities had informed them of their planes’ cargo, route, personnel and time of passing through Turkish airspace. Citing the UN sanctions on Iran, Washington reiterated its demand to search the Iranian planes via NATO. Ankara forced Iranian cargo planes to land in Diyarbakır, and Iran was informed of the situation. Turkish military and police officers did not find any nuclear weapons during the searches of either plane, Turkish officials informed the US through NATO’s headquarters in Brussels.

In addition to the two recent incidents, dozens of other Iranian cargo planes have been forced to land on suspicion of carrying nuclear weapons since June 9, 2010, when the UN Security Council began to impose a fourth round of sanctions on the country.

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