Western Déjà vu: ‘Liberating Libyan’

American proxy Crusaders (Britain, France, Germany and Canada) have liberated over 1,000 Libyan civilians from their lives and pushed over 300,000 Libyans to take refuge in the neighboring Arab countries, in order to escape the western carpet-bombing of Libyan cities since they started the ‘no fly-zone’ (humanitarian) operation aka Odyssey Dawn aka Mission Creep on March 19, 2011.

While the ‘Crusaders’ say that their ultimate goal is to remove Muammar al-Qaddafi from power – The ‘pope’ Obama who initiated the regime-change in Libya a few weeks ago, has made a 180-degree-turn. On March 25, 2011, White House press secretary Jay Carney said that “it’s up to the Libyan people to decide if Gaddafi should go”.

According to Italian journalist Franco Bechis, plans to spark the Benghazi rebellion were initiated by French intelligence services in November 2010.

Now, as result of Crusaders’ failure to force Qaddafi to escape to Venezuela or Cuba and the open criticism of this latest ‘highway robbery’ to loot the Libyan vast oil resources – the US has given NATO the mandate to implement the ‘no fly-zone’ over Libya while the warmongering anti-Muslim western powers keep their bombardment on Libyan civilian areas in order to liberate tens of thousands of more Libyans. They have a very good record of liberating the civilians from the West’s ‘unfriendly rulers’ in Afghanistan (over 100,000 dead and over two million living as refugees in Pakistan and Iran since October 2001) and Iraq (over one million dead and countless made refugees sin March 2003).

French President Nicolas Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and Catholic father) had no problem with Qaddafi until July 2008 – when Qaddafi refused to attend a conference in Paris to launch a Mediterranean Union of 27 EU and 17 non-EU Mediterranean countries. The aim was to make the US-controlled NATO a warlord over the Mediterranean. The Arab League idiots now by calling for regime-change in Libya – have opened the flood gates for not only the domination of Muslim world by western nations through NATO but also threat to China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa.

In war on Libya – according to US military sources, AFRICOM had flown 336 air sorties, 108 of them launching strikes and 212 conducted by the U.S. The operations included 162 Tomahawk cruise missile attacks.

Turkey, the only Muslim member of NATO alliance, has objected to military action against Libya as it doesn’t conforms to UNSC resolution – and NATO to replace the US as the commander of the on-going missile attacks on Libyan cities. However, behind the scences, NATO’s top commanders have visited both Cairo and Ankara to pressure the pro-US local military commanders to come on board. Turkish parliament met behind closed doors on Thursday to debate a mandate broad in scope that would permit Turkish participation in any future NATO-led operation.  

The defeat and conquest, directly or by proxy, of Libya would secure not only vast oilfields to western oil companiesa but also secure a key outpost for the Pentagon and NATO on the Mediterranean Sea to launch its future wars on Syria, Lebanon and Yemen for Israel.

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