The ‘Jewish influence’ on ME Revolutions

Eric Herschthal writing in ‘The Jewish Week’ (February 15, 2011) had claimed that Gene Sharp’s 90-page manual ‘From Dictatorships to Democracy’ had “the Jewish influence on Egypt’s glorious revolution’. In order to clear the ‘fog’ – he immediately informed his readers that Gene Sharp (born 1928) is NOT Jewish but son of a (Zionist) Protestant minister. However, he did admit that Gene Sharp’s ‘The Albert Einsten Institute’ was “funded for two decades by Peter Ackerman, who was Jewish”. Philip Shishkin paid glowing tributes to Gene Sharp in Jewish-owned ‘The Wall Street Journal’ (September 13, 2008) for providing “a list of 198 methods of nonviolent action, like the staging of mock elections to poke fun at problems like vote-rigging, using funerals to make political statements and adopting symbolic colors, a la Orange Revolution in the Ukraine. Less conventional tactics include skywriting political messages and “protest disturbings.”

Eric Herschthal gave credit to Gene Sharp for helping Color Revolutions from Ukraine to Burma and from Iran to Egypt. For two decades, Gene Sharp’s writings have been translated by NATO and CIA into over 20 foreign languages which have been used to overthrow unwanted regimes without provoking international outrage. In 2007, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused Sharp for stirring unrest in Venezuela. In February 2008 – Tehran showed a video on foreign intelligence agencies (CIA, Mossad, MI6) involved in stirring up violence in Iran which highlighted Gene Sharp’s dirty fingers.

Dr. Peter Ackerman is an American Zionist banker and director of powerful Jewish think tank CFR. He is also founding chair of the International Center on Non-Violent Conflicts’. His profile is posted on the Jewish Newsweek magazine.

During the first week of anti-Mubarak protests – Washington got Gene Sharp’s ‘color revolution’ manual translated into Arabic. CIA and the State Department distributed the contents of the manual to the protesters via Facebook and Twitter. It provided the protesters precise instructions regarding the itinerary of the marches.

The manual laid down the objectives that the United States intended to impose on the movement: the toppling of Mubarak and civilian governance. In particular, it aimed to bar any slogans against imperialism or Zionism or those calling for the liberation of Palestine.

Theirry Myssan, the welknown French political analyst in his 2005 article entitled ‘Soft and Undercover Coups d’Etat wrote:

Unknown to the public, Gene Sharp formulated a theory on non violence as a political weapon. Also he first helped NATO and then CIA train the leaders of the soft coups of the last 15 years. Gene Sharp tried to form a dissident group within PLO so that Palestinian nationalists would stop terrorism (he made the necessary arrangements with Colonel Reuven Gal, director of the Psychological Action division of the Israeli armed forces, to train them secretly in the American Embassy in Tel Aviv).

When CIA realized how useful could the Albert Einstein Institution be, it brought Colonel Robert Helvey into play. An expert in clandestine actions and former dean of the Embassies’s Military Attachés Training School, “Bob” took Gene Sharp to Burma to educate the opposition on the non violent strategy for criticizing the cruelest military junta of the world without questioning the system. By doing this, Helvey could identify the “good” and the “bad” opponents in a critical moment for Washington: the true opposition, led by Mrs. Suu Kyi, was labeled as a threat to the pro-American regimen.

In September 2002, Gene Sharp went to The Hague to train the members of the Iraqi National Council who were preparing themselves to return to Iraq, along with the American army.

When the CIA-organized-coup against Venezuela failed in April 2002, the State Department counted again on the Albert Einstein Institution which advised the owners of enterprises during the organization of the revocatory referendum against President Hugo Chávez. Gene Sharp and his team led the leaders of Súmate during the demonstrations of August 2004. As done before, the only thing they had to do was questioning the electoral results and demanding the resignation of the president. They managed to get the bourgeoisie out in the street but Chavez’s popular government was to strong. All in all, international observers had no other choice but to recognize Hugo Chávez’s victory.

Gene Sharp’s first book on Gandhi’s methods began with a preface signed by the Zionist Jewish nuclear scientist, Albert Einstein, though the book was written in 1960, five years after Einstein’s death. Therefore, Albert Einstein did not write anything for Sharp’s work. All that Sharp did was reproducing an article on non violence written by the scientist.

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