Obama: ‘Jewish President, Messiah or G-d’

When Senator Barack H. Obama was campaigning for the White House, former Jewish Congressman and judge from Chicago, Abner Mikvaner, had said: “I think when it is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish President”.

In August 2008 – during a fundraising event in San Francisco, the former House Speaker and Israel-Firster, Nancy Pelosy, had introduced Senator Barack Obama by hailing him: “A leader that God has blessed with at this time”.

October 2009 – in an interview, British singer-actor Sting (Gordon Matthew Summer) had equated Barack Obama to Biblical Promised Messaih: “In many ways, he’s sent from God because the world is a mess”.

Now, Professor Paul Kengor (Grove City College, Pennsylvania), has called Barack H. Obama, “God“, in an article, entitled “Obama, The God That Failed” in the Zionist daily online magazine, American Thinker, published on April 5, 2011. Dr. Kengor, being a Catholic, seems to be very much in touch with his G-d (not Christ of course). He is author of books like; God and Ronald Reagan, God and George W. Bush and God and Hillary Clinton.

As Christian Zionist – Kengor do know who to blame when Jewish Lobby is not happy with President Obama. He highlights Obama’s (Muslim) middle name: ” It was the Middle East that was supposed to be Obama’s strength. He would be better than Bush, and precisely at the right place and time. Far from Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name being a liability, liberals assured us it was his saving grace. Their faithful leader would know what to do, in a way that “Bush,” Texas rube, was fully incapable”.

Kengor, like Israeli columnist Aluf Benn, blames Obama for letting Israel’s Muslim allies being dumped by the current mass protests. Aluf Benn wrote in Israel daily Ha’aretz (January 30, 2011): “Jimmy Carter will go down in American history as “the president who lost Iran,” which during his term went from being a major strategic ally of the United States (and Israel) to being the revolutionary Islamic Republic. Barack Obama will be remembered as the president who “lost” Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt (all three had pro-Israel governments in the past while both Turkey and Egypt still maintain diplomatic relations with the Zionist regime), and during whose tenure America’s alliances in the Middle East crumbled“.

As a former supporter of the ‘born-again Christian’, President Ronald Reagan, Kengor appluads him chosing “the soul-mate international contacts”, like Pope John Paul II (born to Polish Jewish mother) and Margaret Thatcher (a Zionist Christian Israel-Firster).

Kengor doesn’t show much respect for Obama or his advisers, the great majority of whom are Jewish or pro-Israel neocons. “Obama appears clueless on the small picture let alone big picture, as do the wise men and women he has surrounded himself with. Neither teacher nor disciples have answers,” wrote Kengor.

On wonders if Abraham Foxman, the ADL Watchdog on ‘anti-Semitism’, will throw a punch on Kengor’s face for insulting the Jewish members of Obama administration!

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