Israel’s phantom of Muslim Brotherhood

Lately, the Zionist mafia sees phantom of Egyptian ‘moderate’ Islamic religious-political organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, in every coner of the Muslim world and beyond. Lately, the Jewish-owned mainstream media is full of scary predictions of Muslim Brotherhood’s expected rise to power in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, etc.

On April 13, 2011 – Dr. Robert Satloff, executive director of Jewish think tank, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), gave his testimony to the Congressional Subcommittee in which he called for Obama administration to block the Islamist and semi-Islamist groups (Muslim Brotherhood, Gamaa Islamiya, Al-Jihad, Wasat Party and US-Saudi funded sectarian Salafist movement) contesting the coming Egyptian elections in September 2011.

Israel-Firsters in both Congress and Senate have been very vocal in stopping Washington’s annual bribe of $1.5 billion to Egyptian military since pro-Israel Hosni Mubarak’s exit. Meanwhile, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) and his son Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), the liberals in the Tea Party – are running the campaign “Stop buying friends overseas, save $6 billion!”. However, the campaign is doomed at the Zionist-controlled Capitol Hill as it calls for cutting aid not only to Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, but also Israel.

“I think they (Israel) are an important ally , but I also think that their capita income is greater than probably three-fourth of the rest of the world. Should we be giving free money or welfare to a wealthy nation?” Rand Paul said in a recent interview he gave to ABC News.

Yossi Klein Halevi in the New York Times’ Op-Ed (February 1, 2011) wrote:”Most Israelis have the grim assumption that it is just a matter of time before the only real opposition group in Egypt, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, takes power. Israelis fear that Egypt will go the way of Iran or Turkey, with Islamists gaining control through violence or gradual co-optation”.

On the same day, Richard Cohen wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post, entitled ‘A democratic Egypt or a state of hate?‘ – in which he whined that a democratic Egypt would turn into Hizbullah-controlled Lebanon, making the Islamic Iran even more important regional power. “This is the most dire prospect of them all. The dream of a democratic Egypt is sure to produce a nightmare,” wrote Cohen.

Geoffrey Wawro ranted in the Daily Beast, ‘How the US will loose Egypt‘ – warning Obama not to repeat the errors of the ‘anti-Semite’ Jimmy Carter’s handling of 1979 Iranian protests, which gave rise to the Islamic Republic of Islam, whose current President Dr. Ahmadinejad is a ‘Jew-hater’, ‘Holocaust denier’ and wants to ‘wipe off Israel of the map’. The paranoid Zionist con-man wants the West to believe that if democracy comes to Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood will usher a new Islamic State on the border of Israel.

After banned for more than six decades, the present-day Muslim Brotherhood, has long lost the vision of its founder Imam Hassan al-Banna (photo top left) and its famous thinker, Sayyid Qutb. Most of organization’s original idealogy, ‘resistance against the oppressor’ – has been adopted by Lebanese Resistance Hizbullah.

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