Sarkozy’s opponent hits the bucket

The French political bigshot, Dominique Strauss-Kahn 62, the French Jewish head of IMF and the man French Socialists hope will be the next occupant of the Elysée Palace, was arrested at JFK airport in New York on Saturday afternoon accused of a sex attack on a Times Square hotel maid earlier in the day.

Tim Perone said in the New York Post (May 15, 2011), Strauss-Kahn (married three times and have four kids), is a well-known womanizer. Last year, French journalist Tristane Banan claimed she had to fight him off while interviewing him for a book she was writting about public figures and their missteps. In 2008, Strauss-Kahn, admitted having sexual affair with IMF married Hungarian economist Piroska Nagy.

A opinion poll conducted by the French Institute for Public Opinion on March 12 showed that more than seven out of 10 French people are unhappy with the performance of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The recent local elections ahead of next year presidential election, the Socialist Party had captured 36% of votes, ahead of Sarkozy’s party with 18.6% and far-right National Front with 11.1%, AFP reported.

Sarkozy is known for its connection with Israeli Mossad. He has become the most hated President of France while in Palais de l’ Elysées due to his racist policies against Muslims and Roma at home and his unpopular military adventure in Libya. Strauss-Kahn, according to several polls – has his leg over Sarkozy’s head when it comes to popularity. I don’t know about you but remembering Mossad’s Honey Trap history including Monica Lewinsky, the Jewish intern at the White House, who was used by Mossad to record more than 30 sexually explicit conversations with then President Bill Clinton and the former New York’s Jewish Governor Eliot Spitzer, the anti-crime crusader and potential Presidential candidate being set-up with a high-priced call-girl in 2008.

The Telegraph reported on May 16, 2011 that Strauss Kahn (Cohen) was a victim of politically-motivated set-up gained around after it emerged that the first person (Jonathan Pinet) to break the news of his arrest was an activist in Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party.

On Monday, judge Melissa C. Jackson, supervising judge of Manhattan Criminal Court, rejected Strauss-Kahn’s one million dollar bail, contending that he was a flight risk.

Don’t take me wrong. Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported on October 5, 2010 that Israeli Rabbi Ari Shvat has given his blessing to female agents of Israel’s foreign secret service, Mossad, who may be required to have sex with the enemy in so-called “honey-pot” missions.

Incidently, Sarkozy’s ruling UMP party has its own skunks to worry about. Currently, the party’s golden girl, Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, is being investigated for her involvement in dishing out millions in damage to the business mogul Bernard Tapie. In November 2010, then labour minister Eric Woerth was disposed of over allegations of conflict of interest while foreign minister Michele Alliot-Marie was forced to resign after it was revealed that she used a Tunisian tycoon’s helicopter for her holiday in Tunisia during country’s anti-government mass protests.

Strangely, I have not heard the Jewish Lobby whining about Strauss-Kahn as it did for Jew rapist Roman Polansky last year. Marc Tracy, has claimed in the Jewish magazine Tablet that Strauss Kahn is “being seen worldwide as an embarrassment to France, not to the Jews”. Sure, sure, had he been a Muslim, he would had been an embarrassment to the 1.7 billion-strong world Muslim community. However, Marc did lament that Strauss Kahn has empowered the far-right National Front, headed by Marine Le Pen, daughter of the notorious anti-Semite Jean-Marie Le Pen, who denies Holocaust. Marc believes that the sex scandal seem to have destroyed Jewry’s hope of having a Jewish President of France. With Strauss Kahn, a Jew, out of the race and President Nicolas Sarkozy whose mother is Jewish heading right UMP with diminishing popularity – Marine Le Pen will be a viable threat to Sarkozy’s re-election next year.

“The National Front has not shown hostility to Israel in recent years because of its emphasis on anti-Muslim themes. Muslims are a much larger “alien” group in France today, and since Israel is an object of Muslim hostility, there has been no reason for an anti-Islamic party to take an anti-Israel line,” wrote Marc Tracy, May 3, 2011.

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