Israel: ‘Beirut got Hizbullah-dominated regime’

Last week, the US, British and Canadian Zionist-dominated mainstream press plus hundreds of Israel hasbara internet websites had headline “Lebanon got Hezbollah dominated government”. I was so excited by the good news and wanted to find out how many Hizbullah ministers were in the billionaire Prime Minister Najib Miqati’s new 30-member cabinet. To my great disappointment, I found only three – two Shias (Mohammad Fneish and Hussein Hajj Hassan) ministers from the former US-Israel puppet Sa’ad Hariri’s cabinet and one new Sunni Faisal Karami. Speaker Nabih Berri’s Shia Amal party has two Shia members, Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour and Public Health Ali Hassan Khalil. The Minister of State Ali Qanso (Shia) is member of Syrian Social Nationalist Party.

This ‘3-out of-30 domination’ would give you an idea how the Zionist-crowd came up with the figure of ‘Six Million’ Jews died under Nazi regime.

Christian communities which make less than 35% of Lebanon’s total popuation – hold 13 cabinet posts plus Deputy Prime Minister Samir Moqbel (Orthodox). Sunnis have six cabinet posts and Druze have three cabinet ministers.

There are 300,000 Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon who are not citizen and thus cannot vote. Christian political parties are against awarding them citizenship due to their (Muslim) dempgraphic fear.

It took Najib Miqati nearly five months to hammer-out the new government mainly due to internal power struggle between the two Christian heavy-weights, President Gen. Michel Suleiman and former General Michel Aoun, who wanted to be President a few years ago.

Dr. Stephan Rosiny of the GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies in Hamburg (Germany), in an interview with The Voice of Russia said that Hizbullah has debunked Sunni Arab fear and foreign propaganda lies about its dominaton of the new government: “So, now we have five Shia ministers and seven Sunni ministers which is not a fair distribution. If you would take the actual demographic size of the community, the Shia should have even more ministers than the Sunni because they are the biggest community now in Lebanon,” said Rosiny.

“There is also another misperception that Najib Mikati, the new prime minister, is just a tool of Hezbollah, but this is not the case. Najib Mikati is an independent politician, and he is quite strong in his community and in Lebanon and also has a good reputation in Syria and in Saudi Arabia; he made clear that he would not just follow the rules of Hezbollah,” added Rosiny.

Personally, I believe, US-Israel-Saudia STL card is not going to harm the relation between Hizbullah and the new government as the later knows for fact that the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was work of Israeli Mossad and Hizbullah is being framed by anti-Lebanese forces to occupy country’s water and oil reserves for Israel. Furthermore, Lebanese public knows from their past experience that it was Hizbullah fighters who defended Lebanon’s borders against powerful Jewish Army and not the Lebanon’s Army.

2 responses to “Israel: ‘Beirut got Hizbullah-dominated regime’

  1. And the US Supreme court has three jewish judges while the jewish
    population in America is only 2-3%. How can this be? No reply is necessary.

  2. Well, Justice Elena Kagan has several good things going for her. She is Jewish, lesbian, Israel-Firster and have never worked as a judge before.

    America’s Jewish population is less than 2% but still larger than Jewish population of Israel.

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