Murdoch, cartoon and famine in Somalia

Who would know better than the Jewish Lobby to divert public attention away from the pro-Israeli criminals. The Time of London (owned by Murdoch) and ABC News, have just published a report that “Islamist group Al-Shabaab has denied lifting a ban on foreign aid agencies delivering food to draught-ravaged parts of the country“. After watching the pro-western political propaganda, preaching Evangelism, and arming rebel groups – these so-called ‘foreign aid agencies’ have done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan and currently in Libya – who could blame Somalian Islamists.

The Times of London ran an editorial cartoon, marked “Priorities….” depicting three starving, ethnically ambiguous children sitting nude in the sand. One of the doe-eyed children looks mournfully out at the viewer, cradling his distended stomach and announcing that he has had ‘a bellyfull of phone hacking’. Copied on top.

The Jewish leader of British Labour Party and the Opposition Leader in British parliament, Ed Milliband, has irked the British Jewish Lobby once again. He has demanded the dismantling of the Murdoch media empire. “It is now time to go a big step further – to break up the entire Murdoch empire, no less. I think he has too much power over British public life,” he said – a statement that would have been politically suicidal for any political leader only a couple of weeks ago.

Ed Milliband is considered ‘a little odd’ as compared to his older brother, the former FM David Milliband, who is welknown as ‘Friend of Israel’. Ed on the other hand, has a bad reputation of keeping company with British Muslim and Palestinian leaders.

 British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has boasted of having Jewish family roots, appeared before an emergency session of Parliament on Wednesday to address the scandal. Cameron refused to apologize for hiring Andy Coulson, a former Murdoch employee who recently served as Cameron’s communications chief at Downing Street, but admitted that he had talked to Murdoch executives about News Corp.’s attempt to take over the satellite company BSkyB.

Jeremy Sapienza wrote an Op-Ed in Christian Science Monitor on July 13, 2010, exposing Washington’s 20 year long history evil-doing in a Muslim-majority Somalia. It begans with dictator Siad Barre, Black Hawk Down, the Israel-sponsored Red Sea Piracy and the Islamists’ links with the notorious Al-Qaeda.

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