Obama totally defeated by Israel Lobby

Any politically-aware person will tell you that US President Barack Obama is totally defeated and humiliated by the Zionist-regime and its supporters in the Congress, Senate, Wall Street and Zionist-controlled mainstream media in almost every field especially in Washington’s dealing with the Muslim world. One just have to study the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim 1500-page manifesto of Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik to find out how Israel-Firsters are pushing Americans to die for Israel in the Muslim world.

Obama has backed-down on new illegal Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine and his propsed Palestinian state based on 1967 borders. He has opened new anti-Muslim war fronts in Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan and Iran.

When Obama moved into the White House, like his speech at Cairo – he also lied about having meaningful dialogue with the Islamic Republic. Someone, who has studied Obama’s political career, patronized by Zionist Jews, I never took Obama’s rants seriously. And, I was not wrong. Since day one, Obama has carried a policy of threats, sanctions, intimidaton at isolating Iran from world community, subverting its economy, threatening its civilian nuclear program and bringing a pro-Israel regime-change in Tehran. However, the Iranian leaders with their faith in Islam and national patriotism – has succeeded in blocking US-Israeli evil design.

Leading British columnist, author and expert on Middle East, Patrick Abram Seale. Zionist Jew Moshe Phillips (member ‘Americans for a Safe Israel’),  had named Seale ‘British Helen Thomas’. Recently, Patrick seale wrote a column entitled Making an Enemy of Iran, exposing Washington’s non-stop interference in the internal affairs of Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, Pakistan and the Islamic Republic on behalf of the Zionist entity.

Israel and its friends led the campaign against Iran, demonizing it as a threat to all mankind, and forcing the United States to follow suit. Israel has repeatedly, and very publicly, threatened to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities, and has done its best to drag the United States into war against it, in much the same way as pro-Israeli neo-conservatives — such as Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith at the Pentagon -manipulated intelligence to push America into war against Iraq in 2003, with catastrophic consequences for the United States.

Why did Wolfowitz and his friends do it? Because they feared that, having survived the eight-year Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq might just possibly pose a threat to Israel. It had to be destroyed. Tony Blair, Britain’s Prime Minister at the time, himself something of a Christian Zionist, was foolish enough to tag along. The war totally discredited him.

The neo-con’s strategic fantasy was not just to use American power to smash Iraq. Once Saddam had been dealt with, they planned to use the US military again and again to ‘reform’ Syria, Hizbullah, Iran, the Palestinians and even Egypt and Saudi Arabia so as to make the whole region safe for Israel. Such demented folly is hard to comprehend.

Having brushed the Iraqi fiasco under the carpet, Israel and its friends are now doing it again. In recent weeks there has been a flurry of reports that Israel was planning to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities this September – a bluff clearly intended to pressure the United States into taking ever tougher measures against Iran so as to make it unnecessary for Israel to attack.

In addition to such a transparent propaganda ploy, Israel has in the past two years murdered a number of Iranian nuclear scientists — two were killed and one was seriously injured last year and a fourth was killed last month. Israel’s Mossad has made murdering its enemies something of a speciality. In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s it carried out several assassinations, or attempted assassinations, of scientists working for Egypt and Iraq, not to mention the many Palestinian activists it has killed around the world over the past half century.

Apparently with American help, Israel has also sought to sabotage Iran’s nuclear programme by introducing a virus, Stuxnet, and possibly other viruses, into its nuclear facilities. Not surprisingly, Tehran now views the United States and its aggressive Israeli ally as one and the same enemy.

Why has Netanyahu chosen to portray Iran’s nuclear programme as the gravest threat to the survival of the Jewish people since Hitler? He must know that this is pure fantasy. Ehud Barack, his defence minister, has himself admitted that Iran poses no ‘existential threat’ to Israel. With its own vast nuclear arsenal, Israel has ample means to deter any attack.

But a nuclear Iran — if it ever came to that — would indeed pose a different sort of challenge to Israel: It would not threaten its existence but it would curtail its freedom to strike its neighbours at will. Israel has always sought to prevent any of its neighbours acquiring a deterrent capability. It wants to be the uncontested military power from Tehran to Casablanca. Hence the hysteria it has sought to generate over Iran’s nuclear programme and over Hizbullah’s rockets. How dare Israel’s neighbours seek to defend themselves!

The United States has already paid dearly – in men, treasure, and reputation — for its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It remains trapped in the AfPak theatre of war. It must surely know that there can be no settlement in Afghanistan without Iran’s support. A glance at a map is enough to confirm it.

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