The ‘Taliban Surge’

On August 6, 2011 – US-installed President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai announced that 31 US soldiers and 7 Afghan soldiers died in a ISAF holicopter which was shot down by Taliban in the centeral Maidan Wardak Province. Karzai  expressed condolences to US President Barack Obama and the families of the victims.

This is the highest US military casualty in its ‘War on Islam’ in the region. “Why Muslims when, in fact, Islam teaches love, not hate; peace, not violence; charity, not selfishness; and tolerance, not terrorism; or that Islam, Christianity and Judaism have common roots,” Stephen Lendman in America’s Dirty War on Islam.

Currently, there are 150,000 ISAF forces in Afghanistan, including nearly 100,000 from the United States – the largest NATO presence in the region since the US-led invasion of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan in October 2001.

Obama’s promise to pull 10% of occupation forces from Afghanistan but left the schedule to Zionism’s military poodle Gen David Petraeus, the new CIA director.

Since early 2010, Obama administration have been in contact with the ‘moderate’ Taliban leaders to negotiate an exit strategy while keeping some of its interest in place for which Afghanistan was occupied in the first place, i.e. gas pipeline from Caspian Sea and uninterrupted supply of herion – Israel being the main beneficiary in the both cases. The US-Taliban contacts were kept secret until the outgoing US Seretary of State, Rober Gates (an AIPAC appointee), admitted in June 2011. (CNN).

Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit said in an article (The Diplomat, July 1, 2010) that the US has already lost its war in Afghanistan.

It seems Tehran is winner in both occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.  Iranian companies are active in industrial, mining, infrastructure, irrigation and dam construction projects in Afghanistan. According to IRNA, Iran’s annual export to Afghanistan has jumped from US$300 million to US$1.3 billion within last few years. It’s expected to reach US$2 billion in the current Iranian calendar year.

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