Ex-rebel: ‘Qaddafi is symbol of national unity’

NATO’s mission to bring-in a pro-Israel regime change in Libya has failed. Now, US and its willing-partners in crime (France, Britain, Italy and Canada) are desperately trying to save themselves from further humiliation. Libyan forces loyal to Qaddafi has recaptured the city of Misratah and the Western colonialists’ funded rebel/rats are looking for more NATO escorts.

Dr. Rejeb Muftakhov Budabusa, is a prominent dissident economist from Benghazi. He had campaigned to save his people from Qaddafi. In February and March, he ardently advocated “peaceful demonstrations” in Benghazi and for “salvation from the punishment of Cyrenaica”.

In a arecent TV interview, Dr. Rajeb told political scientist, Lev Vershinin: “Today, Qaddafi has become a symbol of national unity“.

“But what can ordinary citizens do now? Do not misunderstand me, myself I think that Qaddafi should withdraw from active work. I do not live at home because I thought he did not have long so did not hide it. I would also like more democratic devices than the general that are in place now. But, sorry, I do not want my country bombed, robbed and humiliated.”

“But they (the western invaders), with their own hands made Qaddafi the new Omar Al Mukhtar, 2011. And in the end, they ruined it, they think that if he leaves, it’s all over, but some people still cannot forgive and forget. Those who see the leaders of Europe are afraid for their families’ future. And there are those who, in general, do not want to fight, those who, in general, no matter who is in the driver’s seat, start to sympathize with al-Qaddafi, because he fought against the aggressors, rather than trying to negotiate. Now his popularity is growing every day, more than he could ever even dream of. And the policy of democratic nations cannot,” said Dr. Rajeb.

Dr. Rajeb also said that the majority of people in Benghazi have come to the conclusion that the so-called ‘humanitarian mission’ to save people from Qaddai’s police was a smokescreen to occupy the country an rob it of its natural oil/gas resources. “Now it is clear that the protection of the population by Europeans was the least of their worries. People remember the details, and realize that there was no special unwelcome police repression, they provoked, and then attacked army units,” said Dr. Rajeb.

Now, with no sign for the ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Libya, Washington and its Zionist Occupied western governments are looking for an exit strategy without being humiliated by an obvious defeat.

Both NATO and the rebels have already lost the war and what will happen tomorrow is anyone’s guess,” said Dr. Rajeb.

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