Homophobia rampant among Jewish Army

Israel proudly market itself being a friendly country towards gay and lesbian communities. Gays and lesbian openly serve in the Jewish Army and same sex couples even receive some extra privileges. Israelis boast Tel Aviv the Pink City. Jerusalem holds an annual gay parade. Israel even has a ‘religious Jewish gay’ group called Havruta which celebrated Purim festival in Jerusalem in March. They read Jewish Megillah, the traditional scroll read on this Jewish religious holiday – reminding themselves how Jews were persecuted in Persia which forced Persian Jewish Queen Esther to order the genocide of 72,000 non-Jewish Persian.

Israel even have gay rabbis too – though Jewish Bible (OT) forbids sex between same genders as a great sin punishable with death. Though both Jesus and St. Paul never married – they too, considered homosexuality as sin. Islam, on the other hand, sees homosexuality as ‘unnatural’ and ‘sickness’ which carries punishment after death.

Israeli hasbara idiots never spare a chance to blame Muslims and Iranians for putting gays and lesbians to death in Muslim countries – which is as big lie as the ‘Six Million Died’ hoax.

Israeli daily the Jerusalem Post reported on August 16, 2011 that half of the gay and lesbian soldiers in the Jewish army suffer violence and homophobia – according to a survey released on Monday by the Israeli Gay Youth movement.

The survey was conducted among soldiers who profess to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). Following results were reported by the survey:

– 40 percent of soldiers were verbally abused due to their sexual orientation.

– 20 percent claimed to have been physically or sexually assaulted due to their sexual orientation.

– 49 percent of soldiers who hear homophobic comments in military bases ignore them and do not respond.

– 37 percent participate and join in making fun of the gay soldier.

– Only 13 percent reprimand soldiers who are making fun of a gay soldier.

Last week, Israeli company commander ‘Captain A’ resigned after being accused of molesting Jewish soldiers under his command. His boss, brigade commander Col. Amir Baram has refused to take punitive action against him.

There is no official record but some sources say 10-15% of Jewish army could be gay or lesbian. There are over 18,000 gay and lesbian households and over 3,000 children are raised within LGBT families with two mothers or two fathers ( Enfants Quebec magazine, September 2010).


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