US-Israel: ‘Ankara has been fooled’

On Tuesday, Benji Netanyahu phoned his US poodle, Hillary Clinton, to tell her that the Zionist regime will not apologize to Ankara for killing nine Turkish aid workers by the Jewish commandos during their raid on Gaza flotilla on May 31, 2010. However, Benji gave her his blessing to let UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon release the Palmer Report due next week. The release of the said report submited on July 21, was postponed earlier on Washington’s demand as Hillary Clinton was busy in re-kindling the old ‘love’ between Tel Aviv and Ankara.

The Zionist regime had agreed with the commissioning of the Palmer panel as a PR stunt as The New York Times on August 2010 wrote: “A leap of faith for Israel, whose enemies have sometimes used the United Nations as an anti-Israel cudgel”. Let’s put the record straight – Washington has vetoed more than 59 of those ‘anti-Israel cudgels’.

The investigating report on Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla is prepared by a panel of four. The panel is chaired by former prime minister of New Zealand, Jeffrey Palmer – who is assisted by former Colombian president and ‘Israel-Firster’, Alvaro Uribe, and has one Turkish and one Israeli member.

On Tuesday, Zionist deputy prime minister, Moshe Ya’alon, a radical anti-Muslim Jew, predicted at Likud Party conference that Palmer report has “ruled in favor of Israel in regard to the legality of the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. The World Jewish Congress also knew that US-sponsored United Nations STL, investigating the assassination of Rafik Hariri in 2005, will accuse Hizbullah ahead of its release.

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan responded that there will be no improvement in ties with Israel, unless it apologizes for murdering nine Turkish aid workers. Under current circumstances, Erdogan’s words are just a hot gas as he has lost his status of a ‘regional leader’ by isolating Turkey from its sister Muslim countries Syria and Libya to please Washington, Paris, Berlin, Riyadh and NATO.

Moshe Ya’alon has admitted that if Benji apologize to Erdogan, the later can go around boasting that he brought Israel to its knees and thus gain the status of ‘regional leader’ in the Middle East.

It’s clear now that AKP leadership have been fooled by the US-Israel-Saudi ‘axis of evil’ by pitting Ankara against Libya and Syria. Now, as the western plan of regime changes in both Libya and Syria has failed and Ankara having served its part of a ‘western poodle’ – there is no need to rekindle Turkey-Israel love.

Had Erdogan or Ahmet Davutoglu studied the evil Zionist genius, Asher Ginzber, they would have known how they were set-up against their Muslim friendly countries by the ZOG West.

Turkey has not only joined the US-NATO war on Libya but also has recognized the French-funded Libyan rats in the National Transitional Council (NTC). Ankara had recalled it ambassador Salim Levent Sahinkaya from Tripoli in March 2011.

Ankara also acted like a jerk in case of Syrian protests. It failed to recognize the US-Israel-Saudi hands behind the Syrian insurgency. A regime change in Damascus has become a ‘life and death’ situation for the Israeli leaders. Israel wants to destablize Syria enough to force Bashar Assad to distance himself from Lebanese and Palestinian Islamic resistance movements, Hizbullah and Hamas – and from the Islamic Republic.

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