Kenney blasts AI for demanding Bush’s arrest

London-based Amnesy International (AI) has asked Canada’s Justice Minister and Attorney General, Rob Nicholson, to arrest and prosecute former US President George Bush on charges of athorizing torture. George Bush is expected to attend an economic summit in Surrey (British Columbia) on October 20, 2011.

“Canada is required by its international obligations to arrest and prosecute former president Bush given his responsibility for crimes under international law including torture,” Amnesty’s Susan Lee said in a statement.

“As the US authorities have, so far, failed to bring former president Bush to justice, the international community must step in. A failure by Canada to take action during his visit would violate the UN Convention Against Torture and demonstrate contempt for fundamental human rights,” Lee said.

Amnesty International call pissed off Canada’s Immigration and Citizen Minister, Israel-Firster Jason Kenney. He blasted AI for “cherry picking cases to publicize, based on ideology. This kind of stunt helps explain why so many respected human rights advocates have abandoned Amnesty International,” he said.

The head of Canadian Amnesty, Alex Neve, in response asked Kenney “what motives our work is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and we apply it universally”. Kenny did not name any of his respected human rights advocates who have abandoned Amnesty International.

Kenney’s problem with AI is understandable as the human rights watchdog agency had blasted Harper’s government for its foreign policy and its blind support for Israel. In March AI had criticized Ottawa for its “unflinching refusal” to criticize Israel’s human rights record has eroded Canada’s reputation in the Middle East.

On March 19, 2009 – Jason Kenney’s famous act was his refusal to allow former British MP George Galloway to enter Canada on a lecture assignment for later’s support for the Palestinian and Lebanese Hizbullah. Last year, Kenney also banned India’s famous Muslim scholar Dr. Zakir Naik from entering Canada. Last week British civil rights activist Moazzam Begg was refused to enter Canada at Monteal airport.

Amnesty International has accused Bush administration of using torture techniques, such as, water-boardingand torture of Guantanamo Bay detainees and enforced disappearances. Bush has admitted to authorizing waterboarding of the framed 9/11 Mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

According to an article by Eva Sydel, posted on Henry Makow’s website (October 3, 2011) – Canada’s justice system is controlled by Freemasons.

Bush will earn $150,000 from his coming tour. Since he has left the White House, Bush is reportedly have made $15 million in speaking fees. Bill Clinton stll hold a record of $350,000 per appearance.


One response to “Kenney blasts AI for demanding Bush’s arrest

  1. As a Canadian I am ashamed of the government, any government which approves torture of any kind, nor do I approve of government that rained white phosphorus on the heads of 800 Palestinian children, criminals must be prosecuted, and Canadian government’s defense of criminals put them in the sam category as the torturers.

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