Will NATO attack Syria?

After succeeding bring a favorable regime change in Tripoli, the Ziocon warmongers are pushing ZOG in Washington to play a similar deceptive ‘humanitarian’ NATO bombing of Syrian cities. However, the NATO generals are not sure of a success in Syria as it’s not as defenseless as was Libya.

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said a few days ago that what is holding NATO back is the safety of the Zionist entity.

Unlike Libya – Bashar al-Assad regime has two non-government armed allies; Hamas in Gaza and Hizbullah in Lebanon. Though, Hamas has only resistance capability – Hizbullah has already proven both resistance and attacking military capabilities in 2000 and 2006. Hizbullah reportedly have long-range Iranian missile which can reach anywhere inside Israel.

Bashar al-Assad had told Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglo early this month that if NATO attacked Syria, he will deploy missile batteries along the Golan Heights which will hit military targets inside Israel. He also mentioned that he might ask both Hamas and Hizbullah to start a proxy war against Israel. Though not reported but Syria could decide to hit some of 24 NATO military bases in Turkey.

NATO, demoralized in Afghanistan has gained some military muscles by removing Qaddafi from power in Libya. NATO carried over 26,000air sorties in Libya while using militant insurgency on ground. However, Syria is a different story. While in case of Libya, all five veto-powers were united – Russia and China are not in favor of military action against Syria. The Arab League which blessed the removal of Qaddafi by force – is reluctant to play the same dirty game against a fellow Arab country due to its strategic location and its on-going conflict with the Zionist entity.

Syria is not a major oil exporter as Libya, therefore, UNSC sanctions will have insignificant effect on Syrian economy. In other words – the western vulture alliance will rather prefer to bask in NATO’s victory in Libya than venture into another Afghan-style military humiliation in Syria.

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