Lobby: ‘Islamists to govern Tunisia’

On June 29, 1994, Martin Kramer, editor of Middle East Quarterly and visiting fellow at Jewish think tank WINEP – wrote in ‘Policywatch’ against allowing Rachid Ghannouchi to visit the University of South Florida (USF) on a lecture tour. He had claim that Ghannouchi “urged violence against US interests, and he continues to demand Israel’s destruction“. Two other Muslim-haters, Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson made similar claims.

The French-educated Rachid Gannouchi 70, is leader of Al-Nahda, the most popular so-called ‘Islamist’ party in Tunisia. Al-Nahda is similar to Turkish ruling AKP – a mixture of religious and secular dogmas. Rachid Gannouchi has lived in Britain in ‘self-exile’ since 1991.

Al-Nahda has won 90 seats in the 217 seat national assembly in the last week election. The assembly is expected to write country’s new Constitution, form an interim government and hold elections, probably in early 2013.

Rachid Gannouchi in victory speech on Friday did not show any Zionist-feared ‘Islamist slogans’ – such as reciting verses from Holy Qur’an or shouting ‘Allah Akbar’. On the other hand, he did mention that both veiled and un-veiled women will be among the Al-Nahda-led government.

“We will not for instance force anyone to put on Islamic clothes,” he said. “We do not wish to see Tunisians turn into hypocrites by pretending what they are not. Every Tunisian man and woman has the right to wear what they want and to lead their lives they way they see appropriate because these are personal choices,” he said.

That statement shows Rachid’s lack of Islamic understanding. Islam doesn’t “force” Muslim women to wear a certain kind of Hijab – but also doesn’t give Muslim women the right to parade naked or half-naked on beaches like Judeo-Christian women. Islam, however, commands the Believers, both men and women, to dress-up according to local traditions, customs and climate – as long as the dress is based on modesty and not vulgarity.

Interestingly, even Pentagon has recommended its female soldiers to wear Hijab while on duty in Afghanistan – so that they don’t offend the religious feelings of Afghan men and women.

“The role of the state is to protect people’s rights and not to limit them,” Ghannounci said on Friday. Now, that’s something coming from Islamic Shariah. I bet you the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is demanding similar rights – but Zionist Lobby claims OWS has links with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Rachid Ghannouchi will not be leading the government. Dr. Hamadi Jebali, the 63-year-old secretary general of Al Nahda, is tipped to be chosen the next premier in line with the party’s preference for a parliamentarian regime where the winning party heads the government.

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