OWS is turning into anti-Zionism Tsunami

The Zionist mafia is scared to death on the thought that the popular Occupied Wall Street (OWS) movement could turn into an anti-Zionism Tsunami. They fear that when more and more people will learn the unspoken truth; the Wall Street is controlled by Jews and Zionists (Allen Sanford, Robert Rubin, Jamie Dimon, Llyod Blankfien, Stephen Friedman, Madoff, etc. to name a few) – they may turn against Wall Street’s main beneficiary, the Zionist state of Israel.

If that happens, it will also effect Israel-Firsters in the Republican, the Democrat and the Tea Party; From Obama to Rick Perry to Herman Cain. All presidential candidates somehow believe that OWS protesters are driven by their envy of the rich. Herman Cain has called OWS anti-Semitic.

According to CBS News, there are 245 millionaires in the Congress including 66 in the Senate.

While thousands of non-violent participants in the OWS protests have been beaten, tear-gassed and arrested in many US cities – none of the Wall Street crooks has been put into jail. Why? Because, the Wall Street crooks control US government and Congress.

Allen Roland, online columnist and blogger wrote on October 31 that OWS will soon become a Tsunami. (Watch a video below).

“What’s happening, this is growing expediently. The snow is not going to have any effect at all. And it’s already having a profound effect all over the world! This Occupation Wall Street is already becoming Occupation America, which is already very close to becoming Occupation World. We’re all one, by Wall Street, these financial elite. And nowhere is that more obvious in the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve. All of that stuff and it’s an election year, that’s what makes it so powerful, because these candidates are bought and sold by Wall Street,” he said.

Charles M. Young, founder of This Can’t Be Happening website told Press TV: ‘Wall Street is run by crooks‘.

I like to end this post on a humorous note. Rev. Jim Wallis in an open letter to OWS has praised some of the protesters as ‘walking along with Jesus’.

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