Islamophobes hate OWS movement

Islamophobia is a $42 million industry in United States. The seven foundations which fund this industry are connected with the Wall Street. Therefore, it’s logical that Islamophobes have to be against Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement which is gaining momemtum with the passage of time.

One of these Islamophobes is House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor (R-Va) who has called OWS protesters nothing more than mob. Anyone who knows Eric Cantor’s major Jewish donors, they’re all Israel-Firsters (Kenneth Bialkin of ADL, Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs, Lewis M. Eisenberg, the guy who sold WTC to Larry Silverstein in 2001. Larry well insured it and received $7 billion after 9/11, Henry Kravis, member of Rothschild-controlled Bilderberg and CFR, bilionaire Ronald Perelman of Revlon cosmetic empire and billionaire James Tisch of CBS).

Last year Eric Cantor in his address at Ziocon Heritage Foundation’s ‘Protect America Month’ had advised Barack Obama to stop apologizing to Arab world and tell 1.7 billion Muslims that they’re their own enemies.

In the battle of ideas, we win when the people of the Middle East see that the real threat to Muslims is neither America, Israel or Britain, but the ruthless Islamist terrorists,” said Eric.

Cantor’s particular influence stems from his control – along with another pro-Israeli hardliner, former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) – of a secretive and well-funded political action committee, the American Action Network (AAN), run by Cantor’s close advisor and former chief of staff, Rob Collins.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Chair of the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security and former fundraiser for Irish terrorist militia IRA – says that every Muslim is not a terrorist, but all terrorists are Muslims. Last month Peter King said that Occupy Wall Street consists of unfocused anarchists who don’t deserve legitimacy. “The fact is these people are anarchists. They have no idea what they’re doing out there. They have no sense“.

Israel-Firster Sen. Hillary Clinton received more donations for her presidential campaign from the Wall Street than his opponent Sen. Barack Obama. She was overjoyed by the news of Libyan leader Qaddafi’s brutal death at the hands of US-funded rebels, saying: “We came, we saw and he died“.

Last month, Israel-Firster Herman Cain, GOP presidential candidate called the growing OWS protesters “anti-American” and said protesters were merely jealous of those more successful. “I don’t have a lot of patience for people who want to protest the success of somebody else,” Cain said.

Former House Speaker, Israel-Firster Newt Gingrich, said on the CBS show, “Face the Nation“, blamed the OWS protests on “class warfare” fomented by Obama.

Israel-Firster, Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, criticized both OWS and Obama on Thursday. She said that OWS protesters as believing they’re entitled to other people’s productivity and money and said they’he drawn the wrong conclusions.

Barack Obama is owned by Wall Street. The fat cats as he calls them, they’re his friends. They’re all his pals. That’s where he gets his campaign donations. And he is very generous about giving these fatcats their cat nip – bigger returns for their investments in bailouts,” said Sarah Palin.

So what is common between the major thugs at the Wall Street and the Islamophobes – well they’re mostly pro-Israel Zionist Jews. Watch video below.

And finally, last month an interfaith group of Jews, Christians and Muslims joined the OWS protesters at Zuccotti Park, carrying a golden reproduction of  Wall Street bull, symbolizing and greed of biblical Golden Calf that was worshipped by Hebrew followers of prophet Moses when he went to receive Torah.

This golden calf is a symbol of the economic slavery Americans have allowed themselves to be trapped by,” said activist Warren Goldstein.

This is a symbol of our spiritual poverty in this country, of how far we’ve come from the basic principles of what we are supposed to be doing in this country,” said the Reverend Michael Ellick of Judson Memorial Church

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