Rep. Ron Paul is a ‘vicious anti-Semite’!

In February 2011 – America’s leading Muslim-basher, Israel-Firster David Horowitz, had accused Rep. Ron Paul of being “a crackpot” and “vicious anti-Semite“. Horowitz claimed that Ron Paul is an ‘anti-Semite’ because of Paul’s proposal to end USAID to the Zionist entity (watch a video below). Ron Paul had said that the US is under huge debt and cannot afford to send money to other countries. Israel is a rich parasite which has sucked more than $3 trillion from American taxpayers since 1970s.

The other Israel Hasbara professional propagandists are saying that Ron Paul may not be an ‘anti-Semite’ – but all anti-Semites support Rep. Ron Paul. Why? Because they believe the Jews incite wars in which Christians and Muslims die or some influential people have ties to AIPAC, or are Jewish, or even have dual citizenship (US and Israel.

A few of other ‘anti-Semitic’ statements Rep. Ron Paul has made; 9/11 was the result of US foolish foreign policy in the Muslim region and his intention to bring back US forces from Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea and other places which pose no threat to American security. Ron Paul has also said that the US better learn to live in peace with a nuclear Iran.

During the 10th foreign policy debate on Tuesday between the eight Republican presidential hopefuls at Constitution Hall in Washington – all candidates showed their unanimous support for the Zionist entity – but split on US-Israel attack on the Islamic Republic. The Pizza-man Herman Cain supported the attack; the other six supported more sanctions against Tehran while keeping the ‘military option’ on the table. Ron Paul was the only candidate who opposed Americans dying for Israel in Iran. He claimed that Israel having the most advanced military in the region, is capable of defending itself without foreign assistance.

All polls taken since January 2011, show that Ron Paul has maintained his popularity rating among the Republicans. He is placed among the top three runners, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Paul. A Public Policy Poll, taken among the independent voters, has shown (48 to 39%) that Rep. Ron Paul is the only Republican who can defeat Barack Obama. However, the Zionist-controlled mainstream media is either trying to ignore Paul or paint him a ‘Jew hater’.

Strangely enough, Ron Paul is also receiving support from the left-wing of Democratic Party, which is frustrated with on-going America’s $ trillions wars in the Muslim East.

Personally, I believe, none of the Republican candidate has a chance to beat Ben-Obama, as he has proven without any doubt that he is best man for Israel for the next five years. Chicago Jewish multi-billionaire and Obama-backer, Lester Crown, has spoken: “Barack Obama has established a strong record as a true friend of Israel, a stalwart defender of Israel’s security, and an effective advocate of strengthening the steadfast US-Israel relationship, publically stating that Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state should never be challenged“.

2 responses to “Rep. Ron Paul is a ‘vicious anti-Semite’!

  1. Unfortunate. This is a very poorly constructed argument for your case. The US has a profound history of non-interventionism policies interwoven with free trade. In fact, those were the favored policies of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Ron Paul has not once made any such claims, and that is where your argument falls apart. You even presented a logically sound argument of Ron Paul’s, that which ‘the nation can not support such policies’. He’s right, taking into account the 14T+ debt of the US. The US has record food stamp claims and the wealth disparity between classes has never been greater. The country can no longer afford aid. Like any intelligent writer, you should present evidence, rather than misguided, biased, and frankly naive assumptions. Some of your other pieces are well written, but this one, my friend, is terrible.

  2. Unfortunately, you need to study American history of so-called ‘non-violence’ from some objective source, such as…. by an American writer John Kaminski ….

    “Oh savage, where art thou, to weep over the Christian’s crimes. Another act of humanity for Christians, as they call themselves, that one Capt. Standish, gathering some fruit and provisions, goes forward with a black and hypocritical heart, and pretends to prepare a feast for the Indians, and when they sit down to eat, they seize the Indians’ knives hanging about their necks, and stab them to the heart. The white people call this stabbing, feasting the savages,” Rev. William Apes.

    Essence of the American spirit

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