Lobby: ‘Obama is not a trustworthy puppet’

Every American President has only two windows of opportunity to take on the Zionist Lobby – in the first nine months of his first term and the last year of his second term if has one,” former US President Jimmy Carter, quoted by Alan Hart in his book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews .

On November 30, while addressing a $10,000-plate campaign fundraising dinner at the residence of Jack Rosen, chairman American Jewish Congress (AJC) – Obama assured his guests: “No ally more important than Israel“.

Jack Rosen, on his part, praised Obama as the greatest supporter of Israel among all US Presidents. However, Rosen acknowledged that some Jewish leaders’ “frustrations” at Obama’s a few statements about Israel and Benji Netanyahu; stop new Jewish settlements, negotiate with PA on a Palestinian state based on pre-1967 borders and anti-Bibi slur at G20.

I believe the Zionist regime has a long shopping list of ‘concerns’ for Obama, such as, regime change in Syria and Iran, demilitarization of Hizbullah, toppling of Hamas, denuclearization of Pakistan, etc. However, Alan Hart believes it’s the fear of Jewish Lobby loosing its dictorial power in the US.

The real reason concern of those American Jew who are taken in by Zionist propaganda is that a second term Obama might, just might, decide to put America’s own real interests first and confront the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress in order to get real peace process going,” Alan wrote.

One response to “Lobby: ‘Obama is not a trustworthy puppet’

  1. slight edit needed here “last year of his second term if has one”

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