Israel, not Turkey: “The model for Arab Spring”

I have never come across a worse ‘self-denial’ piece of crap than Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s article titled ‘Arabs should take cue from Israel’, published in Jewish daily Forward on July 12, 2011.

In the article, Goldhagen tries in vain to prove that Turkey, “a relatively moderate, predominantly Muslim country that has one foot in the Middle East and a second foot trying to plant itself in the European Union“, cannot fulfil the aspirations of the people of Middle East, who seek to change their future for better.

Goldhagen suggests Israel as an alternate democratic model. In other words, Goldhagen wants Arabs to adopt a half democratic Israel, as Israeli columnist Gideon Levi called his country than ‘mildly democratic’ Turkey. Naturally, no one expects Goldhagen to mention Iran which is as much inside Middle East as Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan or Occupied Palestine (Israel) – and the only democracy among the 57-nation Muslim world. In fact, Iran is a better ‘theocracy’ than the one is practiced in Israel.

Goldhagen’s other faults with Turkey include; military’s meddling in politics, brutally suppressing Kurd minority and in the past carrying out genocide of Armenians.

Now, if Goldhagen had look around he would have found that the great majority of Israeli prime ministers were either former Jewish terrorists or military officers. Yes, Ankara has been oppressing its Muslim Kurd (Jewish Kurds emigrated to Israel in the 1950s) minority for decades, but for taking arms against successive governments. As far Armenian genocide is concerned – even most learned Armenians know that it was carried out by Zionist Crypto-Jewish Young Turk movement. Rev. Bedros Hajian interviewed Christopher Jon Bjerknes about his book on this topic in 2007. (watch video below).

I bet, Goldhagen has never heard of the holocaust of 66 million Russian Christians under four Jews – Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky as reported in a 12,000-word pamphlet, eititled ‘A Sea of blood: The Truth about Bolshevik Russia‘, originally published in Munich in 1926.

Goldhagen also wants his readers to believe that Jewish terrorists did not destroy over 600 native villages, over 800 mosques and churches and never expelled 700,000 native Muslims and Christians between 1948-49. Furthermore, while Turks have killed thousands of Kurds – Israel has never attacked Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Golan Heights – which resulted in thousands of Arab killed and over two million made refugees.

In the end, Goldhagen suggests to Palestinians that if they drop their ‘anti-Semitism’ (historically, it’s the Arabs who are Semites while Jews are Khazarian Turks and North African Berbers) – they will realize that “with all its flaws and the discrimination it practices against its Palestinian citizens, who are, by any reasonable meaning of the pharase, second-class citizen – for constructing a working democracy that guarantees the fundamental rights of people, including women and sexual minorities. Indeed, Israel should be the model“.

It shows Goldhagen never bothered to read Amnesty International’s annual reports which have criticized Israeli Jews for selling 3000-5000 White Christian women into sex-slavery each year; no divorce rights for Jewish wife; sex segregation on buses and rails in Jerusalem, beating-up gays and lesbians and spitting on priests and Christian religious symbols.

Goldhagen may not know, though, both Muslim and Jewish Turks are invaders. The first conquered Anatolia (modern Turkey) eight centuries ago while the later occupied Palestine by terrorism over six decades ago.


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