Israel and religious freedom (tolerance)

Whenever the presence of a gentile (non-Jew) threatens the life of Israel, it is permitted to kill the gentile even if he is righteous person and should not be blamed for the situation,” King’s Torah, written by Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elizur, members of Benji Netanyahu’s radical Likud party.

On December 12, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman hailed Benji Netanyahu’s plan to ban Adhan (Muslim call for prayers) in the Palestinian territories occupied by Jewish army in 1967.

Recently, a school in Afula was declared ‘un-kosher’ by Jewish parents for letting their kids listen to Muslim wedding songs. The parents demanded rabbis to enter the school to “purify” the school building before their children would return.

The Cingranelli-Richards Human Rights in its 2011 report on ‘Freedom of Religion’ has put Israel among the worst 52 out of 195 countries surveyed for the fifth consecutive year. This year it shares the honor with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India and China. Interestingly, Lebanon along with Sweden, Belgium and Poland ranked as the most religiously tolerant nations.

In January 2011, Pope Benedict XVI declared that Christians are the most persecuted minorities in the world. He shied away to mention Israel where priests are regularly spit on and thousands copies of Christian Bible (New Testament) have been burned by religious Jews because NT contains four books of the Jewish Bible (Old Testament) or how powerful Iraqi Christian minority was under Saddam Hussein regime (six cabinet ministers plus vice-president Tariq Aziz). 

In 2008, Rev. Gary Cass, of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission summed up the plight of Christian minority in Israel.”Will McCain and Obama turn a blind eye to the suffering of Christians in Israel? Both Obama and McCain say they want change, but do either of them have the courage to challenge the powerful Jewish lobby in America? Will either of them demand true religious liberty for Christians and all faiths in Israel as a condition of American support of Israel, including the right of Christians to share their faith with Jews?” Watch a video below.

In June 2010 – over 100,000 religious Jews staged a demonstration aginst Supreme Court ruling forcing integration of a religious girl school. Interestingly, it was not Jewish girl studying in the classroom with Muslims or Christian girls. The protesters told Benjamin Netanyahu and its Orthodox parties in the government that parents of European (Ashkenazi) don’t want their ‘White daughters’ to study with Arab (Sephardim) ‘brown girls’ at the girls’ school in the West Bank’s Jewish settlement of Emanuel (perhaps named after Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff).

Avi Maspin, spokesperson for Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ) has admitted: “Israeli society is profoundly infected by racism and unfortunately there is no suitable punishment for racism in Israel“, reported Israel daily YNet, December 7, 2007.

On August 6, 2009 – Jonathan Cook wrote in The National that there are 350,000 Jews in Israel who are classified by the rabbinate as having “no religion”, and are therefore unable to marry in Israel. Why? Because based on Jewish law – For a man, the rabbis demand that he prove he is circumcised and produce a birth certificate stating that his mother was Jewish by birth, a proof many immigrants from the former Soviet Union have difficulty providing.

While Zionist propagandists boast Israel being a heaven for the gays and lesbian – the Queers website calls this claim a big lie. “Israel does nothing to support the struggles of Palestinian queers or queers elsewhere in the Mideast. It only uses their experience to promote hatred of all Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims, including queer Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims“.

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