Did US give South American leaders cancer?

Remember the good-old Jewish scientist Dr. Phlip Zack who was behind the Anthrax conspiracy to demonize Muslims. Yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that he suspects US has developed a cancer producing deadly virus. Addressing a rally Yesterday, he said that odds were too high to believe that four of Latin American Presidents to be striken with cancer in same span of time – to be a natural phenomenon. Chavez came to that conclusion after Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez joined the list of presidents diagnosed with the disease.

It would not be strange if they had developed the technology to induce cancer and nobody knew about it until now … I don’t know. I’m just reflecting,” he said in a televised speech to troops at a military base. Watch a video below.

Hugo Chavez underwent surgery in June to remove a tumor from his pelvis. The other Latin Presidents who are diagnosed with cancer include Fernandez, Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo, Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff – plus former Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva have all been diagnosed recently with cancer. They’re all anti-American imperialism and friendly toward Islamic Iran and Palestinians.

Chavez said he was warned by Fidel Castro of such US deadly virus. “Fidel always told me, Chavez take care. These people have developed technology. You are very careless. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat – a little needle and they inject you with I don’t know what,” he said.

We must take good care of Evo Morales (President of Bolivia) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador),” he added

Chavez also slammed Washington and its western poodles for calling the recent Russian elections ‘Fraud’.

Barack Obama in a recent interview with Venezuelan paper El Universal showed his anger at Venezuela’s friendly relations with Islamic Iran and Cuba.

The United States does not pretend to dictate its foreign affairs. I would argue, however, that the Venezuelan government’s ties to Iran and Cuba have not served the interests of Venezuela or the Venezuelan people. With regard to Iran, the international community’s concerns are well known. Ultimately, it is up to the Venezuelan people to determine what they gain from a relationship with a country that violates universal human rights and is isolated from much of the world. The Iranian government has consistently supported international terrorism that has killed innocent men, women and children around the world – including in the Americas. It has brutally suppressed the Iranian people simply for demanding their universal rights. And Tehran continues to pursue a nuclear program that threatens the security of the Middle East. Here in the Americas, we take Iranian activities, including in Venezuela, very seriously and we will continue to monitor them closely,” said Obama.

Yep, Obongo, it was Iran which invaded Libya with the help of CIA-Mossad sponsored Al-Qaeda and now is using it against Bashar al-Assad in Syria!

2 responses to “Did US give South American leaders cancer?

  1. Well written article. I enjoyed reading it.

    Brother, I am planning to open up a news magazine, something credible, but entirely anonymous, something like the economist, but with an Islamic agenda.

    If you would be willing to become a founding member, email me: brotherzaid@gmail.com

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