Johannes Heesters: ‘Hitler was a great guy’

Johan Marius Nicolaas Johannes Heesters (1903-2011), was a Dutch-born German singer, actor and entertainer who in the company of Jewish Leo Stein and Viktor Leon, had charmed Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders like Joesph Goebbels and Adolf Eichmann for years. In a TV interview in 2008, Heesters called Hitler “a great guy” and brushed aside his 46-year younger second wife, Simone Rethel’s, politically correct comment by saying: “Doll, but he was good to me”.

Germany’s most beloved entertainer, Heesters, played in numerous films and theatre plays for almost nine decades, including performing the main role in the Merry Widow, an operetta by Franza Lehar, some 1,600 times.

It’s strange, Heesters was never accused of being ‘anti-Semitic’ for entertaining Nazis by Jewish groups. He even visited Dachau labor camp in 1941 where he perfomed with a Jewish opera, according to journalist Volker Kuhn. The Allies allowed him to continue his career after the WW II when he took Austrian citizenship.

For many people Heesters is just a profiteer who earned a lot of money. With the career of Heesters it ended well, being a top artist in Germany and Austria. In the Netherlands he remains a singer who carries an unwanted history, a history that appeals to the war wounds of the Dutch,” wrote John Postma, editor Dutch anti-Nazi magazine Alert!

John Postma – Isn’t Nazi collaborators, the Zionists showering the anti-Muslim politicians, preachers, writers and Hollywood actors with tens of millions of dollars?

In 2011 when German Chancellor, Israel-Firster Angela Markel, hosted a dinner for the Islamophobe Queen Beatrix of Netherlands, Heesters was invited to perform. However, after vicious campaign by the Jewish Lobby, his name was taken off the list.

Professor Jürgen Trimborn (University of Cologne), the biographer of Heesters and Hitler’s favorite half-Jewish filmmaker, and rumoured to be his girlfriend, Len Riefenstahl (died 2003), has praised both of them for excelling in arts cinema. Len Riefenstahl is the sole woman director on a TIME magazine list of all-times 100 best films.

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