Asia-Pacific and coming US war for oil/gas

Un-noticed under the Zioncons’ war drum-beating against Syria and Iran – the Ziocon think tanks like Center for a New American Security (CNAS) are preparing groundwork for Obama administration’s new deadly war against China for the control of South China Sea. The Washington-based CNAS in its latest report stated: “The geostrategic significance of the South China Sea is difficult to overstate. To the extent that the world economy has a geographical center, it is in the South China Sea.”

Nearly 50% of the goods transported between continents by ship go through the South China Sea, accounting for $1.2 trillion in US trade annually. The area has vast, largely untapped natural resources – including oil reserves of seven billion barrels and an estimated 900 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Early this month, after America’s defeat in Iraq – Obama announced US military focus away from Iraq and Afghanistan and renewed commitment to assert America’s position in the Asia-Pacific region. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the Asia-Pacific region is growing in importance for the US economy and national security, so the nation needed to maintain “our military’s technological edge and freedom of action”.

China was quick to warn the US to keep its dirty fingers away from the South China Sea. Our national defense modernization serves the objective requirements of national security and development and also plays an active role in maintaining regional peace and stability. It will not pose any threat to any country,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin.

Numerous US submarines, both nuclear and non-nuclear have long been guarding US interests in South China Sea for a long time. However, recently, China has declared its presence as an act of aggression in China’s territorial water. In March 2010 Chinese assistant minister of foreign affairs Cui Tiankai told visiting US deputy secretary of state James Steinberg and the US national security council’s Jeffrey Bader that China viewed the South China Sea as part of China’s “core interests”, on a par with Taiwan and Tibet.

The discovery of huge oil/gas reserves has started under-water arms race among the other South China Sea littoral states, like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and Brunei. China has over 60 submarines including nine nuclear-powered – to counter US Navy exploiting some of these states’ claims against China.

On the larger scale, the US by challenging China in the South China Sea has created tens of billion dollars business for armament industry. Australia is spending $36 billion to upgrade its Navy. North Korea is expanding its large fleet of mini-submarines. Japan is adding another eight to its existing 16 boat-fleet. South Korea is selling mini-submarines to Indonesia. Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Bangladesh. Germany has sold three submarine to Israel. India has bought submarines from Russia and Israel.

On January 3, 2012 – former US Jewish ambassador to Australia, Ronald S. Lauder, in his column in the New York Post, wrote: “It’s time the Israelis “went deep”. That is, it’s time they took their submarine force and reinvented it as a strategic deterrent against a potentially nuclear-armed Iran and its terrorist surrogates seeking to literally wipe Israel off the map“. Could someone, please, tell the Zionist bigot that the only country “literally wipe off the map” – is 5,000-year-old Palestine, and the miracle was achieved by Lauder’s Jewish terrorist brothers from Europe and Australia.

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