Zionist Lobby: ‘Stop Shari’ah in Australia’

On February 17, secretary-general of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu inaugurated the first Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA) in Australia at a special ceremony in Melbourne. The ceremony was attended by large number of Muslim community leaders, Premiere of Victoria State, the Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, and the Special Envoy to the OIC Ahmed Fahour who is the co-founder of the Museum. The Museum is expected to open to public in 2014. Watch a video below.

On February 16, Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu gave a lecture at the National Press Club titled “Transition and Change: The OIC and the Islamic World”. He spoke about the transition process towards democracy that is taking place in several countries in the Muslim world particularly in the Arab region. According to American Jewish philosopher, Dr. Noam Chomsky, however, this transition process is being hijacked by the US as it’s bringing anti-Israel groups in power.

These two events have irked owner of Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer, the Guru of Norwegian mass-killer, Anders Behring Breivik, who blasted Australian foreign minister, Kevin Rudd (the former prime minister who was deposed in a pro-Zionist-led Coup in June 2010 and replaced as PM by pro-Mining, pro-coal, pro-gas, pro-war, pro-US, pro-Zionist hard-liner Julia Gillard. However Kevin Rudd  remains vastly more popular than Julia Gillard who has seriously lost public credibility and public support, and there is considerable speculation  about a Rudd comeback), to permit such anti-Semitic events. Robert Spencer has even posted a anti-OIC video on You-Tube.

OIC is an international community of United Nations’ member countries with large Muslim population. It has 57 Muslim nation-states as members plus Russia, India, Thailand and Ethiopia which are not members but maintain permanent observers. OIC is based in Saudi Arabia which is part of Israel-US-Saudi ‘Axis of Evil’ against Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah.

Australia already have two Jewish Holocaust Museums; in Melbourne and Sydney.

OIC and Women Against Islamophobia and Racism (WAIR) have been calling on the UN to have action on West’s rise in anti-Islam bigotary. The US, Canada, Israel and EU have always boycotted International Conference on Racism – just because over 160 United Nations’ member state consider Israel and Zionism as RACISM.

In the US, Islamophobia is a $42 million industry funded by the pro-Israel Lobby groups.

Australian government is controlled by country’s powerful Australian Zionist Lobby, the ‘Zionist Federation of Australia’. Terry Lane, broadcaster for ABC television and a newspaper columnist, once wrote: “The Zionist lobby in this country (Austarlia)is malicious, implacable, mendacious and dangerous. They have caused me a great deal of lost sleep – and in the end my insomnia has not contributed anything to the resolution of the conflict over Palestine. I might as well keep my mouth shut and get some sleep. What’s more, once the expression “anti-Semite” hits the air, or, heaven forfend, the sacred formula “six million” is uttered, then I know from bitter experience that there is not one manager or editor in the country who will defend an underling. We are thrown to the jackals. In the end the truly tolerant have no defence against intolerance. I surrender. To the Zionists I say: you win. To the Palestinians: forgive my cowardice“.

There are 120,000 Jews living in Australia as compared to 400,000 Muslims. Like in other western countries, Zionist propagandists in Australia are busy scaring the non-Muslim population by projecting Muslim population to increase 80% by 2030 due to high-profile conversion, immigration and birth rate.

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