Turkey and Israel united against Syria

Iranian FARS news agency reported this weekend that 49 Turkish intelligence officers have been captured by the Syrian army and that Turkey has been conducting intensive negotiations with Syria in order to secure the intelligence officers’ release. Seven of the captured Turkish officers have confessed that they were trained by Israel’s Mossad and given instructions to carry out bombings to undermine the country’s security. According to the Syrians, one of the Turkish officers said that Mossad also trains soldiers from the Free Syrian Army and that Mossad agents came to Jordan to train al-Qaeda officials to send to Syria to carry out attacks. On February 4, Nasser al-Ariqi, a Saudi Arabian spy was also arrested in Homs.

Like in case of Libya last year, Qatar is funding these radicals Salafi insurgents to inflict heavy casualties and many death among the Syrian security forces and civilians – in order to provide Turkey, Israel, NATO and the Arab League western puppets with a justification for humanitarian intervention – and install a pro-USrael and anti-Iran regime in Damascus.

Not long ago, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, was hailed as “modern day Attaturk” by the western mainstream media. However, when in early 2008, he refused to submit to Ankara’s ‘solution’ to Syrian-Israel conflict – that’s to stop Syrian support for Hizbullah and Hamas without Israel retuning Golan Heights – Assad turned into a “cruel dictator”.

Anti-Muslim Zionazis Senators Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have openly called Obama to arm the Syrian Free Army (an equivalent to Libya’s National Transition Council). American drones are already operating over Syria. Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, confirmed on Friday the presence of British commandos and Qataris on the territory of Syria.

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, was part of US-British plan to establish pro-USrael regimes in Damascus, Beirut and Tehran. It was abandoned upon the defeat of the 30,000-strong Jewish invading army by Hizbullah fighters.

Lisa Karpova has posted an Op-Ed in Russian Pravda, entitled The West, Turkey and the UN are terrorists supporters, saying:

Who are you? What are you? The recent UN condemnations against Syria raise the question: Does the western media or the UN even ask that of whoever these people are that are telling wild stories about events in Syria? No, they don’t. Even the Qatari propaganda organ, Al-Jazeera, has finally admitted that the opposition has lied and exaggerated about casualties and protest numbers.

The FUKUSaxis has used as its agents the ex-Syrian Vice President Abdel-Halim Khaddam, Israel Lobby (AIPAC) member Farid al-Ghadry, (Jewish think tank) Brookings Institution Fellow Ammar Abdul Hamid, (Zionist Jew) Jeffrey Feltman from the US State Dept and multiple Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leaders to fund, incite, train, guide, organize and direct their agents within Syria to bring down the Assad government.

The latest scene was on the Syria-Turkey border where terrorists are being trained, armed and funded and then placed into Syria to perform their murderous deeds. Perhaps the western media and the UN should ask these clowns how many civilians they have killed in terrorist acts.

Turkey’s role in the anti-Syria campaign is obvious. Terrorist training camps have been set up in Turkey. Terrorist insurgents in Syria were trained and armed on Turkish territory to infiltrate into Syria as defectors from the Syrian army.

These armed marauders and invaders from Turkey, loosely calling themselves the “Syrian Free Army” claim to be “the only thing standing between the tanks and the civilians.” But a closer look easily removes this cloud of deception and lies.

The Syrian Free Army leaders have indicated that they will cut Syria’s ties with Iran and with the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance movements once they are in a position of “power” in Syria.

Turkey is in charge of providing terrorist groups with information on Syrian troop movements. Turkish ‘intelligence’ conducts radio-electronic reconnaissance on Syrian military communications as well.

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