‘Don’t attack Iran. G-d will send Ahmadinejad to hell’

Israel’s former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef 91, in his recent weekly Talmud lecture broadcast on Israeli radio every Saturday night advised the Zionist regime: “Don’t attack Iran. Learn Talmud and G-d will save the people of Israel and send Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to hell. In every generation, there are those who tried to destroy us and HaShem (G-d) saved us. Now, there is a tyrant in Iran, perhaps a reincarnation of Haman. We have no one to rely on except our (revengeful) G-d in Heaven,” said the Rabbi.

Unlike Benji Netanyahu and Ehud Barak – Ovadia is not depending on Obama administration or the Jewish Lobby, which he did not even mention. Rabbi Yosef pointed out that there never before have been so many Jews studying Talmud and reiterated that HaShem will fight for Israel.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who is head of Orthodox Arab Jews and founder of Israel’s political Shas party which has its member, Minister of Internal Affairs and deputy Prime Minister, Eli Yishai, in Benji’s government. The rabbi is a typical Zionist whino. In April 2001, he called for the annihilation of Arabs. In August 2010 – Ovadia prayed to his Jewish G-d for death to Palestinian and their President Mahmoud Abbas. He called Palestinan “evil, bitter enemies of Israel” and condemned any dialogue with them. In December 2010, Ovadia’s daughter joined wives of 27 Israeli rabbis urging Jewish women to avoid dating or working with native Palestinian Muslims and Christians. Rabbi Ovadia also composed an anti-Muslim song, entitled “Day missiles on Ishmael“.

2 responses to “‘Don’t attack Iran. G-d will send Ahmadinejad to hell’

  1. Yeah, I’m sure that’s just what God wants, be it the Jews’ G-D or the Christian God, or the Muslims’ Allah, revenge. What nonsense. In my opinion when man created God & religion they didn’t think it through. Instead of bettering people & keeping them in line, which is what I think they were going for, just the opposite happened. Religion has kept people apart & at times brings out the absolute worst in people. Imagine no religion.

    • Being an athiest doesn’t mean that one has to be a bigot or stupid.

      “Jewish G-d is a tribal G-d,” says Israeli-born author and blogger, Gilad Atzmon.

      “Christian God is only reachable through the Church (Salvation),” says Pope Benedict XVI.

      “Allah doesn’t allow Muslims to have WMDs because they kill innocent people,” Ayatullah Ali Khamenie, Supreme Chief Commander of Iranian Armed Forces.

      The above quotes prove that G-d, God and Allah – is being exploitd by the Islamophobes for different reasons.

      BTW – WW I and WW II which resulted in the death of over 110 million people – were not started by religions – but the western vultures like Wall Street, American Jewish Committee, etc.


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