Baroness Tonge: ‘Israel will not go on for ever’

Baroness Jenny Tonge (born 1941), member of British House of Lords, has angered leaders of British government of Israel-Firster, David Cameron, and the Opposition lead by Jewish Ed Miliband as result of her statements made at a student panel at Middlesex University last month. The Jewish lobby groups have demanded that Nick Clegg, leader of her Liberal Democrats, should apologize for her remarks and take disciplinary action against her for making such anti-Jewish remarks. Some UK media has reported that Baroness Jenny Tonge has refused to apology and rather has resigned from the party. However, she will remain member of House of Lords under its current system.

“It will not go on for ever, it will not go on for ever. Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown,” declared Baroness Jenny Tonge. Watch a video below.

 “One day, the United States of America, will get sick of giving £70 billion ($112 billion) a year to Israel to support what I call America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East – that’s Israel. One day, the American people are going to say to Israel lobby in the USA (AIPAC): “enough is enough”, ” she also said.
Jenny Tong doesn’t speak for the party on Israel and Palestine. The Liberal Democrats are wholehearted supporters of a peaceful two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine issue,” said party spokesperson.
In 2010, the British Jewish Chronicle, in an interview asked Baroness Tong’s views on an article published in the Palestine Telegraph – of which she is patron. The artile, entitled ‘Focus on Israel: Harveting Haitian Organs‘, was written by an American Jewish writer, Stephen Lendman. Jenny suggested that Israeli government should set up an inquiry to disapprove the allegations. For that simple suggestion Jenny was hounded by the Jewish press calling her ‘anti-Semite’.
Israel will be around long after the outrageous comments from Baroness Tonge are consigned to the dustbin of history,” said Stuart Polak, the chair of the Conservative Friends of Israel.
Baroness Tong is one of very few British lawmakers who have the moral courage to stand up to British Jewish lobby groups. She is totally opposite to Baroness Catherine Ashton, a Zionist stooge who keep threatening Iran and other countries which refuses to accept US-Israel domination. Baroness Tong has been a long supporter of Palestinian resistance against Jewish occupation of Palestine. 

4 responses to “Baroness Tonge: ‘Israel will not go on for ever’

  1. I really salute Baroness Tong for her courage. Just a quick question- Do you believe that President Obama has powers to rule over the demands of AIPAC regarding Israel’s threat to attack Iran? Or is he just a ceremonial figure who can not give direct orders regarding this issue?

    • As US President, Obama is world’s most powerful dictator. He can do whatever he wants. However, until Nov. 2012 – he is a “Duck President” and cannot take a stand against AIPAC and its associated 50 Jewish-Zionist lobby groups – unless he is willing to risk his re-election and possible his life.

  2. Baroness Tong expresses that “Zionism most go and be replaced by one majority state of Palestinians erasing Israel”. This is evel in a satanic level, and shamefull. There exist a palestinian state; Jordan. The Baroness want to end the existance of Israel, The land Israel have, including the West Bank, is by historic and therefore legal rights the State of Israel’s. The Arab Hamas and Hizbollah and their covenant speak of killing Jews as Hitler did, and Hizbollah is using the nazi-salute for their Armed Forces, Hamas work today with the Abbas Palestinian Authority of the West Bank. Baroness Tong repressent a new type of final solution, it’s shamefull for the UK and the House of Lords to let such views be heard in public without a cry of protest. She should be silenced, not by censorship, but by the House of Lords speaking up in the defence of the State of Israel and Jewish right to our land by heritage.

    • Jordan is not a Palestinian state though it has Palestinian East Bank as part of it. Jordan’s ruling family, like the Israeli Jews – is foreign to Palestine. The Hashmite family is Turkish which governed Najd on behalf of Ottoman empire.

      In fact – the Jews already have a country, otherwise known as the United States, which has world’s largest Jewish population.

      In October 2009, head of IDF’s National Security College, professor Arnon Sofer admitted to Arutz Sheva‘s Hebrew service: “If we do not want a Jewish state we can close up shop and go to Boston, New York or Los Angeles”.

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