Israeli leaders slam Bibi for Iran-Auschwitz analogy

Last week, Israel’s prime minister, spook-terrorist Benji Netanyahu (Bibi), dedicated his entire speech at the Israel Lobby Conference 2012 in Washington DC against the Islamic Republic. He did not mention any other anti-Israel neighbors, Syria or Palestine, not even once. Bibi used Holocaust-Auschwitz-Nazis analogy to fool American public and urged Obama to attack Iran immediately. Watch AIPAC speech spoof from Bibi’s official Facebook page below.

The year was 1944. The World Jewish Congress implored the American government to bomb Auschwitz. The reply came five days later –Such an effort might provoke even more vindictive action by the Germans,” said Bibi.

In fact the World Jewish Congress (AJC) had declared war on Germany in March 1933. Since AJC did not care about the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews living in Germany then – why should Netanyahu care for the lives of 25,000 Jews living in Iran.

Netanyahu also reminded the 13,000 Zionist sheep how 2500 years ago Persians tried to “wipe off Jews from Persia”. Bibi was referring to Jewish Book of Esther’s story about Purim. However, he was affraid to tell them that it were the homicidal Jews who slaughtered 75,000 non-Jew Persians instead.

We will read how some 2,500 years ago, a Persian anti-Semite tried to annihilate the Jewish people. We will read how his plot was foiled by one courageous woman – Esther,” said Bibi.

Benji Netanyahu during meeting with Obama at the White House, presented Obama a copy of the Book of Esther. Israeli Jewish writer, musician, author and blogger, Gilad Atzmon, had this to say about Bibi’s presentation.

The Book of Esther is a genocidal recipe. It’s there to educate Jews how to infiltrate into foreign administrations. Esther and Mordechai’s role is played by AIPAC and American Jewish Congress (AJC) – Both openly push for a war against Iran…”

Some of Jewish leaders’ reaction to Netanyahu Iran-Auschwitz analogy.

I don’t like his repeated comparisons with the Holocaust. Israel is not Auschwitz,” Tzipi Livni, Israeli opposition leader (The Jerusalem Post).

Israel is not about to be destroyed. Not every enemy is Hitler and not every problem is Auschwitz. With his crazy analogies, the prime minister is diverting attention from Iran to his fear-mongering,” said Zehava Gal-On, leader of Meretz Party.

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