Obama: ‘No war with Iran for Israel’

Canada’s syndicated war coresspondent, author and blogger, Eric Margolis, posted an article, entitled, Obama says “No” to the Lobby, on March 9, 2012. He put question to the anti-Iran Israel lobby groups that if they consider Iran to be a future nuclear threat to Israel and the world at large – why don’t they crying ‘wolf’ against the nuclear North Korea which has been threatening America’s closest allies, Japan and South Korea?

Having followed Iran’s nuclear policies for 20 years,
I’m amazed that Tehran has not by now managed to deploy nuclear weapons. Even Israel’s defense minister recently wondered aloud why Iran hadn’t already
produced such weapons,” says Eric.

On March 14 – James Fallows, correspondent with Ziocon daily The Atlantic, posted an article under heading, ‘Iran Drumbeat Watch: I say it’s no going to happen‘, wrote: “The United States in fact NOT going to bomb Iran, and in anything like the current setup of facts even Netanyahu’s Israeli administration is likely to do so. For the United States, such an attack would “represent recklessness beyond anything in recent history”, either by Barack Obama standards or anyone else’s. And for Israel, it would represent “grand strategic folly” of a scale I think even PM Netanyahu would finally shrink from“.

Alessandro Bruno wrote in the Geopolitical Monitor on March 13 under heading, ‘No War for Iran’ that it’s increasingly unlikely that the United States or the Zionist entity. will engage in a military confrontation with the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program in view of significant political changes within the Islamic Republic (mass victory of anti-Israel conservatives in recent parliamentary election) and the growing isolation of the Zionist regime vis-a-vis its position on Iran.

Benji Netanyahu’s war rhetorics at the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) conference last month were intended to raise more tension with Iran; Obama emphasized the fact that there is still time for negotiation. His advice to the war party was; if Israel should strike Iran, it would do so alone. The United States will play no part in it.

Early this month, eight retired senior US military and intelligence officials put an advertisement in the pro-Israel Washington Post – urging Barack Obama to resist military attack on Iran – warning Barack Obama that a military confrontation with Iran is both unnecessary and extremely dangerous for the US and Israel.

Although, Obama administration has decidedly put a hold on military confrontation – the USrael and their western bootlickers continue to heap harsh economic sanctions and propaganda lies against the Islamic Republic.

So, based on the Zionist Lobby’s current stalemate, I predict the Jewish lobby groups will get Barack Obama re-elected on November 3 – but to keep him under their thumbs will flood the House with more Israel Firsters on November 6. This strategy will give Israel lobby groups to keep pressuring Obama to bring a regime change in Damascus, further marginalize Palestinian resistance Hamas and try to neutralize Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah. Once this is done, the Zionist regime will feel safe to attack Iran without US active participation.

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