Swedish FM: ‘The Danger is not Iran, but Israel’

The Swedish Foreign Minister and former prime minister, Carl Bildt, has said that the Zionist entity is the main danger regarding the diplomatic negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran on its nuclear program.

During a press conference following the recent meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Copenhagen, the Swedish FM called on the Zionist entity not to put obstacles in the wheels of negotiations between Iran and the Group 5 +1.

“Impeding the Obstruct diplomatic efforts evidence of irresponsibility”, he added.

He also hoped that the United States, China, Russia and the EU will resume their efforts to negotiate a deal with Tehran on its nuclear program which is based on Iran’s legitimate rights as a signatory of NPT.

“According to the latest US intelligence reports, Iran is not conducting any activity related to nuclear weapons,” Bildt said.

Both CIA and Mossad have confirm (New York Times) last week that there is no creditable evidence that Tehran is building a nuclear bomb. Therefore, Iran doesn’t poses the ‘existential threat’ to the Zionist entity as the Zionazi warmongers like the world to believe.

Sweden-Israel relation suffered a major setback in 2009 when top Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published an investigating report which claimed that Jewish soldiers kill Palestinians, sometimes, to harvest their organs. In September 2010, Carl Bildt, canceled his scheduled visit to Israel.

In December 2010, Carl Bildt had predicted that western sanctions against the Islamic Republic wouldn’t work.

On February 22, Swedish Jewish Bonnier family owned newspaper Expressen claimed that Carl Bildt had operated as an informer for the US since 1970s. Allegedly, Carl Bildt was recruited by the CIA through Republican political strategist Karl Rove, whom Wayne Madsen has called America’s Joseph Goebbels. Karl Rove was a major contributor to the vicious Israeli lobby compaign against former Afro-American Rep. Cynthia McKinney for refusing AIPAC offer to support Israeli interests in the House. Cynthia recently interviewed Israel-born Jazz saxophonist and author, Gilad Atzmon, on Israel, Zionism and Jewish identity politics. Watch the video below.

In his blog, Carl has challenged Expressen and its source Wikileaks to publish the ‘damning report’ so that ‘when it happens, this part of their planned ‘smear campaign’ will quickly fall apart.

3 responses to “Swedish FM: ‘The Danger is not Iran, but Israel’

  1. Very low and shallow article based on conspiracies and lies born in the Faulsetinian proPALganda shiite of Babu AlAbbaSS.

  2. Abe Bird, if you put your brain in the head of a bird, the bird will fly backward.

    Contrary to your ludicrous comment, this article is insightful, well documented and argued.

    The funny part is: your screen name stands for animals. That tells a lot about you.

    If anything is shallow and meaningless on this respected site, it is your comment on the message board.

    Before you post a comment again, you need to have manner and learn some etiquette.

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