Rabbi: ‘Frankist Jews committed Holocaust’

Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut (born 1912), former president of Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and Chief Rabbi at Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple, died last month. In his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah‘, Plaut wrote that Frankist Jews were responsible for the Holocaust. The book’s ‘Foreword’ was written by no other than Elie Weisel, the father of ‘holocaust culture’. Weisel did not disagree with Rabbi Plaut. The book is biography of Polish Rabbi Ya’akov Frank (1726-1791), who claimed being the biblical Messiah of Jews and thus part of Trinity.

Jerry Rabow in his book ’50 Jewish Messiahs’ has documented the stories of 50 Jewish men and women who claimed being the ‘Promised Messiah’ during their life. One of them even killed a Pope, while another was saved by a Pope by hidding him in Vatican during the Inquisition.

Frankist, also known as ‘Crypto-Jews’, are found in high places in both Christian and Muslim world – pretending to be Christians, Muslims, humanists, communists and atheists. Turkey has the highest population of ‘Crypto-Jews’ in the Muslim world. Some historians have claimed that these ‘Crypto-Jews’ were behind the Armenian genocide, in which nearly 1.5 million Christians were killed.

According to Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, the Messiah Frank regarded Jews as a “barrier to the New World Order (NWO)”. Frank, in fact hated all three Abrahamic (Hebrew, Christianity and Islam) religions. However, in order to deceive the followers of those religions, Frankists subscribed to every religion and ideology (Communism, Nazism, Zionism, Capitalism and Socialism). Nazi Germany even commemorated Nazi-Zionism collaboration by minting a gold coin in honor of SS leader Baron Mildenstein’s visit to British Mandate Palestine in 1934.

Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy wrote: “Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races and by the establishment of a world rpublicin which everywhere the Jews will excercise the privilege of citizenship,” quoted to Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, page 574.

Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow PhD, wrote on March 21, 2012, that Sen. John Kerry who pretended he was an Irish Catholic, when in fact his father was a Frankist Jew (who worked for CIA) and his mother a Forbes. Henry also claimed that President Barack Obama’s mother may have been a Frankist/Illuminati Jewess. – and the English Rothschilds who marry non-Jews yet pretend to be Jews.

Moreover, Churchill, FDR and Stalin were also Illuminati or Frankist Jews. So you can see how the Second World War could have been contrived partly to fulfill Frank’s goal of exterminating the Jewish people,” wrote Henry Makow.

Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut was born in Germany. He came to Toronto in 1961 after serving as a US Army Chaplain during the WW II and a rabbi in Chicago and St. Paul in the United States. He was rabbi at the Holy Blossom Temple on Bathurst St. until 1977. Plaut is author of 25 books.

12 responses to “Rabbi: ‘Frankist Jews committed Holocaust’

  1. It is all part of the great deception. When you manage to work it out that the Jewish tribe is hell-bent on world domination, they trot out the lame story that actually, the Jewish NWO is actually trying to destroy the Jewish religion and the Jewish people. So you think that is that then, and the problem will take care of itself. And if you think Hitler was awake and realistic about the intent of the Jews, then they tell you the silly fiction that he was a secret Jew himself trying to exterminate the Jewish people.

    So you won’t bother to think that anything Hitler realized about the Jews held any water then, and you won’t do anything he did in order to resolve the problem of effective slavery and genocide of all other races by the Jews. I don’t believe in the holocaust needless to say. Please read the excellent book on this issue written by Victor Thorn; ‘The Holocaust Hoax Exposed’.

    These pathetic and infinitely convoluted plots are all Hollywood-style sensationalist Jewish propaganda to brainwash people into feeling that the real answer is far more than their intellects are capable of understanding.

    Yet the answer is right in front of their noses if they dare to look and actually acknowledge it, that the Jews are blatantly genociding all other races all over the world, whilst telling you that the real truth is that they are exterminating themselves, which of course is total rubbish for the consumption of the weak-minded and easily led.

    If you suss out the evil intent of the Jews, the Jews will say that the Ashkenazim are the ones really guilty of all the bad things, and that they are not real Jews, that they are fakes and impostors.

    Yet years ago, the more obvious and commonly-held understanding was that in relation to the issue of mixed blood, it was the Sephardim themselves who were of mixed blood, mingled with Moorish, French and Italian blood, and as ‘100, 000 Radiations’ by Barry Chamish proved, the Jews really are OCD about ensuring the genetic purity of their own master race, exterminating and sterilizing all who are not genetically traceable back to Biblical times.

    As Dr Carl Skorecki has proven, Ashkenazim really are the same people as Sephardim, dating back 3,300 years: http://judaism.about.com/od/kohanimandleviim/a/skorecki_kohen.htm

    “…he decided to test the idea that he and other Kohanim worldwide share a common ancestor. If Kohanim are descendants of one man, they should have a common set of genetic markers–that of their common ancestor Aharon HaKohen — at a higher frequency than the general Jewish population.

    “Skorecki’s tests found that a particular array of six chromosomal markers were found in 97 of the 106 Kohens tested. This collection of markers has come to be known as the Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH). The chances of these findings happening at random is greater than one in 10,000.

    “The finding of a common set of genetic markers in both Ashkenazi and Sefardi Kohanim worldwide indicates an origin pre-dating the separate development of the two communities around 1000 C.E. Date calculation based on the variation of the mutations among Kohanim today yields a time frame of 106 generations from the ancestral founder of the line, some 3,300 years, the approximate time of the Exodus from Egypt, the lifetime of Aharon HaKohen.

    “Skorecki’s research has provided scientific proof of a clear genetic relationship amongst Kohanim and their direct lineage from a common ancestor.”

    Such proof in no way validates the entitlement of anyone to a piece of land today, as such an excuse as DNA being used to validate entitlement to any piece of land anywhere in the entire world that the Jewish tribe have ever lived on would be totally ridiculous. The real issue is that they are self-deluded in their pseudo-spiritual beliefs.

    Yahweh may well exist, but not as the true eternal Lord God of all, who is Krishna, dating from a far more ancient world-wide culture. Yahweh is merely a self-invented elemental entity, created by occult means of blood sacrifice by a collective of self-worshiping atheists, to provide the raw makings of a psychic battleship for the warlike Jewish souls to dwell in.

    The Jewish attempt is to dominate the inner planes of consciousness of all, with what is, in the final analysis, purely materialistic and demonic purpose of world domination.

    The Jews intend to do this in rebellious exile from the true eternal spiritual community of Vaikuntha, the spiritual world made of pure spirit soul, headed by Krishna, the Lord God and communal Higher Self of all souls throughout the cosmos. Read of this truth about Krishna here: http://bvml.org/SBS/index.html

    If one doubts that the Jews are exterminating all the gentile races, and begins to be drawn towards the false propaganda that the Jews are dedicated to destroying themselves, one only has to contemplate the following evidence:

    “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…We have the capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”
    –Martin Van Creveld, Israeli Historian (This same threat has been made by others, including Golda Meir, during interview by Alan Hart, when she made this same threat not once, but twice. World domination by nuclear terrorism, SPECTRE style, is the way the Jews intend to dominate the entire planet).

    “The difference between the people of Israel and the nations of the world is an essential one,” … “The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and in his very essence, is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species.”
    Rabbi Sadya Grama of Lakewood

    “Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100-million of them, and the end is not yet.” (Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn).

    “All Israelites will have a part in the future world – The Goyim, at the end of the world will be handed over to the angel Duma and sent down to hell”. Zohar, Shemoth, Toldoth Noah, Lekh-Lekha .

    “Happy will be the lost of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim, of whom the Scriptures say: ”Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh, they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath.’ At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: ‘ ‘The Lord alone will appear great on that day! …’” Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

  2. Remember: Dr Carl Skorecki is a Jew, and his findings a hasbara issue. The fundaments of his “researches” are biblical ones. Accordind the recente findings of archeologists in places quoted in the Torah, the exodus never ocurred; Moses never exists, nor Davi and Salomon kingdons etc. It’s impossible to believe in Dr. Carl Skorecksi, because his findings go against historical facts. This is another hasbara for trying to legitimaze what Zionists have been done in Palestine.

    • I know very well that Dr Karl Skorecki is a Jew. His genetic research is nothing to do with being based on Bible stories, but on genetic sequencing and knowledge of the Sephardim and Ashkenazim provenly being one community 3,300 years ago, before splitting up into different communities some time later.

      I believe that the entire Jewish religion is nothing more than a very sophisticated international criminal terrorist organization that should be banned by international law all over the world, and that Israel should be delegitimized as a state after being totally disarmed, with the land given back to the Palestinians, and the Israeli ‘Jews’ moved to places like Birobidzan, to undergo deprogramming.

      The need to assert that the Jews in Israel CANNOT be Jewish, because then they have no legitimate call to live in Israel, is actually self-defeating, because, if the Ashkenazim, the allegedly fake Jews, are really Gentiles, then that means the real Jews are entirely innocent of Israeli and international Jewish terrorist and criminal activities around the world.

      BUT, that supposition then ignores totally the several times stated intent of avowed Jews like Karl Marx to annihilate all other races and peoples from the face of this entire planet in the service of the Jewish religion, and you must acknowledge that such edicts for the total extermination of all other races exist in both the Torah and the Talmud, so even the supposedly ‘good ‘ Jews are guilty of the same terrorist genocidal acts and intent.

      We all know that the claim of ‘right to return’ to Israel due to genetics is pure crap. Any people could then do that and war would break out all over the world as peoples claim land all over the globe, purely on the assertion that several thousand years ago their ancestors owned some real estate there. The Jews originally stole that land by violence thousands of years ago from other people, before then abandoning and leaving it anyway.

      Besides that, both the supposedly ‘fake’ and the supposedly ‘genuine’ Jews are extremely racist and run a very tight ship. They don’t want any non-Jews in Israel, that being enforced very harshly by law as you will know, with exact genealogical evidence being required before citizenship is granted, and the few supposedly genuine Jews in Israel themselves are not protesting and calling the Ashkenazim fake Jews.

      Look how they sterilize the Ethiopian Jews in Israel with depo-provera, as they do not recognize blacks as real Jews. 95% of inmates in Jewish jails are blacks, there not because of crime, but because the Jews want them out of the country for reasons of racial purity, whilst they enforce miscegenation on all other races, in every other country that they control, to breed them out of existence, before physically killing them all anyway, as Marxism, the Talmud and the Torah all demand, by involving all Gentiles in wars against each other, before taking all their land once they are dead, just like their scriptures and political documents very clearly state.

      According to ancient and current rabbinical opinion, you cannot ever stop being a Jew, even if you become a Christian to enter a country under deep cover, as Jews were advised to do hundreds of years ago, to enter Spain and England for instance after being banned from entering as Jews there.

      Likewise, no Gentile can ever become a Jew, as a Jewish soul is seen as created from God, and pure, whereas a gentile soul is eternally part of the Devil, literally a type of excrement left over by the creation process, a hellish demon that should reside in the three lower, dark, feminine, satanic spheres of creation, eternally and incorrigibly evil, guilty of all sin eternally, even before entrance into the womb. Gentile souls are also classed by Jews as non-living and totally irredeemable, thus it is a literal impossibility for a Gentile ‘demon’ soul ever to be allowed to convert. There is nothing to convert, as far as Jews are concerned, as Gentile souls are not even considered by Jews as living souls. To satisfy the Gentiles that the Jews treat everyone the same, they allow people to ‘convert’, then do away with them or sterilize them, but do often readmit Jews who have been living as crypto-Jewish Christians for many generations. Read ‘100,000 Radiations’ by Barry Chamish, to see how horrifically the Jews treat anyone who is not of pure blood.

      If you want to see more of what I truly believe, see my essays at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’.

      I wonder, does that change your opinion somewhat?

    • Dear Quem, it’s hard for me to accept that all people known as “Jews” are evil. I know a few of them who are good human-beings. If someone doesn’t believe in the existence of Biblical prophets; it’s okey with me as there are over one billion people who don’t even believe in the existence of the Almighty Creater either.

      The word “Jew” did not exist 200 years ago. It was created by European Christian fundamentalists to give a new interpretation to the second-coming of their Lord Christ who, they believed, will establish a great Masonic empire in Palestine and convert every non-Christian to Christianity by force.

      Hardly a few thousand modern-day Jews (pop. 12.7 million) can trace their ancestory to the Hebrew tribes of Jacob (Israel). Both Sephardim and Ashkenazim belongs to Asiatic Khazarian tribe or African Berber tribe who converted to so-called Judaism during 6th-10th century.

      The Judaism we know, is not based on Moses Laws, but Torah and Talmud written by rabbis who have converted a faith into racism.

      You can learn rest of “Jewish thinking” from an American “honest Jew”, Tim Wise, at the link below:


  3. Hi Rehmat. I see you dismiss Torah and Talmud and all those who adhere to them as not being any more than racist, and not even Jews in terms of true genetic origin. But you say “it’s hard for me to accept that all people known as “Jews” are evil. I know a few of them who are good human-beings.”

    But how is the law of Moses that you accept as genuinely ‘Jewish’, in the Torah somehow different and separate from the ‘racist’ Torah of the present day people who you feel are merely Gentile proselytes? I do know that there are slight differences between versions of the Torah. Could you expand on those differences?

    Surely, when such a ‘good’ Jewish person comes to know the racist and genocidal nature of their group, they would be very eager as ‘good’ people to leave such a group, and no longer wish anyone to term them ‘Jewish’. Why then, do they remain affiliated with such a racist people, if they are ‘good’ people? Is it because they alone feel they are ‘chosen’ above all others still?

    What sort of ‘Jews’ are these Jews that you know, accepting the fact that you would not term them Jewish anyway? You would probably use a different term, as you say that the word ‘Jew’ only came into existence 200 years ago. I presume the ‘real’ ‘good’ Jews that you know do not use the Torah and the Talmud in any way, besides some very limited writings of the law. Would that include the writings of the law in the Old Testament? Why not call the ‘good’ Jews you like by a different name, as they surely cannot be Jewish as the rest of the world understands that term, in any way, shape or form?

    It would be nice to meet such a people who could not be termed Jewish in any way, who really have nothing to do with the people that are termed Jewish by most people as Jews today, and have no link to the racist Torah and Talmud. But I think that would merely be wishful thinking.

    Besides, if the people doing all the bad stuff are not really Jews, then only they will face any repercussion as ‘Jews’, and these elusive true Jews that are not racist will be nowhere to be found in Israel, and thus will not come under any criticism anywhere in the world, after all, they can presumably open up their scripture books to the world, and invite people to join their congregations and listen to even the most innermost confidential teachings and intents of those peoples, without any risk at all to their well-being. Why, after all these years, has this not happened? Are they still hiding something?

    So, using the implications of your understandings, antisemitism should not be any real issue at all that needs to be addressed, because it could not really exist if we accept your understanding of what actually constitutes a real Jew. And present day ‘antisemitism’ towards Jews is not truly antisemitism at all, but anti Gentile-ism in fact, using your understandings, so no need to defend the ‘Jews’ then. Though of course, the very term antisemitic is erroneous, as Arabs too are Semites of course. Oh well.

    • Sorry to say mothman 777 – you just jumped in front of the gun. I don’t need to dismiss Torah (Old Testament) or Talmud or the New Testament – because all of those three have been dismissed by many Jewish and Christian scholars.

      The OT was written by rabbis over 1500 years after the death of Moses based on their oral traditions. The NT was written over 80-140 years after the so-called ‘crucification’ of Jesus – while Talmud was written over 100 after disappearance of Jesus by angry rabbis to curse Jesus, his mother and Christians.

      Dr. Robert Funk DDD, dismissed the Bible as a ‘heresy’ in 1991 – while Israeli professor Israel Shahak called his Talmud the “most hateful and racist religious book”.

      Racist people can be found among all religions, colors, nationalities and cultures.

      Yes, most Smite people can be found among Arab Muslims, Christians and even some Jews.

  4. But according to the Karaites, Jews using only the written Torah, and not the Talmud, even the written and oral tradition of the Torah was completely lost for 50 years, so that cannot be relied upon either. So even your ‘good’ Jews might not be remembering the true tradition from Moses, and maybe even Moses himself did not exist in reality, being merely a nationalistic folk hero conjured up for the purpose of rallying the tribe together in a common cause.

    Anyway, regardless of all quibbles over differences in adherence to oral or written Torah, the Ashkenazim and Sephardim are demonstrably the same genome as the Palestinians, from the same geographical area in the original instance, some 3,300 years ago, whether or not they were later reassimilated as ‘proselytes’ from some different part of the world. Many ‘Maronite’ crypto-Jews ‘convert’ to the Jewish faith after having been ‘Christian’ converts for several centuries, and move to Israel after proving their pure Jewish bloodlines, as crypto-Jew family lines tend to intermarry to maintain their racial purity anyway. And rabbinical opinion has always been, after all, that a Jew can never stop being a Jew, even if they appear to convert to another faith, and they also believe that a Gentile can never ever truly convert to become a Jew either.

    I think the Jews should give the whole thing up and seek other spiritual paths that can demonstrate an unbroken and uncorrupted line of transmission directly from God, as in a genuine spiritual connection through a disciplic line of any of His true representatives in other religions.

    We will never know if the current oral Torah is accurate, or whether it is any different to it’s written counterpart, since it seems only to be related privately between Jews, and who knows whether or not they also maintain some similar tradition to the use of the Kol Nidre, to allow them to lie about what their scriptures truly contain.

    Besides, the original faith around the globe was devotion to Krishna, according to one school of vedic knowledge, and the Yahweh was a later invention by those atheists who decided communally to secede from the real God, Krishna, and to become their own advaitist ‘God’, a ‘golden calf’ unto themselves.

    • I’m affraid your Karaite is an idiot. Talmud is the holy book followed by over 90% of Jewry. It’s also the “religious code” of Israel. Torah is believed by a minority of practicing Jews – and a great majority of Chriatian believe OT as “Word of God”, as four Books of the Old Testament (OT) are part of the Christian Bible (New Testament).

      Even though your comments have nothing to do with the subject of the post, I have wasted my time to respond to them. Now, it would be better for all of us to “wipe this foolishness off map”.

      • The Jewish Karaite sect number several thousands, so I suggest that the belief that the Torah was lost for 50 years is held by more than one individual. You can request to change the Wikipedia writings on that issue if you wish. I know full well already that the Talmud is the main scripture book of the vast majority of Jews. It is you who mentioned the original Torah of the words of Moses as the original book, or oral tradition, predating the Talmud, and that is why I am writing about the source of the Torah itself.

        It was you yourself who strongly implied that the original oral tradition of Moses, the most likely corrupted version of which now forms the written Torah of today, was genuine by writing the following; “The Judaism we know, is not based on Moses Laws, but Torah and Talmud written by rabbis who have converted a faith into racism.”

        You further stated you know some Jews who are ‘good human beings’ and of course, you yourself stated that what is called Judaism today is not true Judaism at all, as you stated the Talmud and Torah are racist books not based on the true words of Moses. So, either your Jewish friends believe in the racist Torah and possibly the racist Talmud as well, and are not as good as you think they are, or they follow the most likely altered ‘original’ teachings of Moses, having obtained them through oral transmission.

        Can you quote a source of a written form of these teachings of Moses, which you apparently believe are still perfectly intact, so that everyone can see that they are indeed ‘good’ and not racist, and that they are not the same as the racist versions in the Torah and Talmud? Would that be a ‘waste’ of your time also?

        I justifiably assume from what you said earlier that you would support the existence of what you apparently would view as genuine and non-racist Jews who follow what you would regard as the true words of Moses. I am merely following your points through to their conclusion.

        What do you mean by stating; “Now, it would be better for all of us to wipe this foolishness off map”? I thought you were defending the ‘real’ Jews who are ‘good human beings’, presumably including those mysterious ‘good’ Jews who maintain the tradition of oral transmission of the supposedly (but impossibly) true words of the allegedly non-racist Moses.

        Do you mean to suggest the military annihilation of the state of Israel complete with the Palestinian hostages to satisfy your need resolve this matter? Or do you intend to portray a very different sentiment from the the actual words stated by the Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who in no way suggested anything but the removal of a particular political regime in Israel, in precisely the same terms as had already been used to suggest the removal of a previous particular political regime in Iran itself, that not requiring the removal of any area of land off the map of course.

        Or maybe you were merely suggesting the delegitimization of the state of Israel, which would also effectively remove it from any paper map. I would agree that the state of Israel is an illegal entity that should indeed be no longer recognized as a state, and according to Kissinger, that may well be a genuine possibility in about 10 years time, but sadly, that will not make any real difference to the Judaic NWO takeover plans by that time in any way of course anyway, as more modern weapons can now reach the Middle East very easily without the need for Israel to remain there as a military outpost.

    We often hear people say, “If only Jews would return to the Law of Moses!
    “Instead, they follow their secular, atheistic, and Zionist ways!”
    They express horror at the recent deliberate slaughter of Gazans, particularly the slaughter of women and children. (1)
    But haven’t these folks ever read the Jewish Bible? Are they unaware of the influence of the Old Testament on Judaism?
    Please open your Jewish Bible. Turn to the Old Testament. For the moment, focus your attention on the Book of Numbers.
    You are about to learn that Moses, the great “law giver,” was a war criminal who ORDERED his followers to commit war crimes. The most heinous were crimes were committed against women and children.
    NUMBERS 31:13-18:
    (13) Moses, Eleazar the priest, and all the leaders of the community went to meet them outside the camp.
    (14) But Moses was furious with all the generals and captains who had returned from the battle.
    (15) “Why have you let all the women live?” he demanded.
    (16) “These are the very ones who followed Balaam’s advice and caused the people of Israel to rebel against the Lord at Mount Peor. They are the ones who caused the plague to strike the Lord’s people.
    (17) So kill all the boys and all the women who have had intercourse with a man.
    ( 18 ) Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves.
    The rest of Chapter 31 is concerned with distributing the Midianite plunder. Thirty-two thousand (32,000) virgin girls were counted in the booty (Verse 35). Thirty-two of these were given to “the Lord.” That is, 32 of these little girls were set aside for the Levities (heave offerings), to be used as concubines (Verses 40 and 41).
    Yes, Numbers 31 says what it says. The Talmud sages used Numbers 31 to justify having sex with children. And since the Talmud sages, along with Christians, regard the Old Testament as “the word of God,” why beat up on the Talmud sages? Why not beat up on Jehovah and Moses, who set the standards?
    For further discussion of Jewish teachings on sex with children, see the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Yebamoth 60b, Soncino 1961 Edition, page 402. Discussion and links at http://www.come-and-hear.com/editor/america_2.html
    It’s true. Moses was a war criminal. The Jewish Bible tells you so. Should we be surprised at how women and children were treated in Gaza?
    (1) New Evidence of Gaza Child Deaths, BBC, 22 January, 2009
    For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.
    Matthew 5:18
    “Do not think that I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, in whom you have put your hope. 46 If you had believed Moses, you would believe Me, because he wrote about Me. 47But since you do not believe what he wrote, how will you believe what I say?”…
    John 5:45 47

    • Prophet Moses (as) was not a war criminal. The stories about biblical prophets in the Bible are most distorted to serve the evil agenda of the elites.

      The Old Testament was written by rabbis 1500-1700 years after the death of Moses. The New Testament was written by people who never met Jesus or listened him. It got the ‘royal approval’ in 325 CE.

      The ‘Moses Law’ means the Ten Commandments, and not the Torah which was also corrupted by rabbis.

      To understand the truth about all biblical prophets – one got to study Holy Qur’an that describes them all as God fearing human beings who waged wars only to defend their faith (Islam), and communities.

      The real ‘lawgiver’ was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) according to Michael Hart and the US Supreme Court.


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