Lobby: Dutch government ‘obsessed’ with Israel

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, chief executioner at Simon Wiesenthal Center, and his partner in Israeli hasbara, Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld penned an Op-Ed at neocon propaganda outlet Huffington Post on October 24, 2017 in which they accused Dutch and some other European governments being obsessed with the Zionist entity.

Like many other Western European countries, the Dutch are fixated on the Palestinian-Israel conflict. This obsession came to the fore again in the soon to be installed new government led by prime minister Mark Rutte.,” Cooper said.

The Op-Ed noted that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was the only international conflict mentioned in the 70-page coalition agreement between the four political parties forming the new minority government. The agreement states that “the Netherlands will contribute to peace and security in the Middle East, using its good relations with Israel and the Palestinian Authority to promote and achieve a two-state solution: an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian state alongside a secure, internationally recognized Israel. We will also strive to improve relations between Israelis and Palestinians.”

The coalition agreement mentions only Israel and Palestinian Authority headed by US-Israeli double agent Mahmoud Abbas – and not the Gaza-ruling Hamas. But Netanyahu and his hardcore anti-Muslim cabinet members are against 2-state solution. However, they do endorse 2-states in Iraq.

Netanyahu has repeatedly called “Dutch government and especially prime minister Mark Rutte as friends of Israel,” (Ben Cohen, Algemeiner, June 14, 2017).

In March 2017 elections, Mark Rutte’s VVD won 33 seats, down from 41 seats in 150-seat parliament. Israel’s favorite Dutch Zionist Jew leader Geert Wilders’ PVV won only 20 seats.

Netherlands like the Zionist entity never had a majority government. A coalition government has become a national tradition. Dutch King Willem-Alexander is “son of a Netherlands’ Jewish mother, Queen Beatrix,” according to Rachel Shukert, Tablet magazine, May 3, 2013.

Earlier in February 2017, the two bigots had accused Rotterdam’s Muslim Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb being anti-Israel.

Dutch capital city Amsterdam is famous for the Daughter of Zionism, Ann Frank.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center built Israel’s US$100 million Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial on Muslim graveyard – Mamilla cemetery (watch a video below).

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