Texas shooter kills 27 worshippers inside church

On Sunday, a Whiteman entered Baptist church in a small South Texas Christian community, opened fire killing 27 and wounding another 30 worshippers before killing himself.

The Wilson County Sheriff office reported that 57 people were inside the church at the time of shooting. The shooter has been identified as Devin Patrick Kelly, 26, an ex-US Air Force employee. Jewish media hasn’t accused him being a Muslim convert nor the ISIS has taken credit for the shooting as yet.

Kelly with two children, was a Bible-quoting Christian and his wife taught at the church (here).

According to the Jew York Times, the shooter lived with his parents, Michael and Rebecca in a US$1 million home.

Donald Trump tweeted on October 5: “May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan.”

Texas governor Greg Abbott, a Judas goat like Donald Trump, sent several tweets sympathizing with the victims and praising (?) local police and FBI officials. In March 2017 the idiot told his Jew backers, “Anti-Israel is anti-Texas.”

On November 5, Baxter Dmitry of YourNewsWire.com claimed that “Kelly was an Antifa member who vowed to start a civil war by targeting White conservative churches and causing anarchy in the United States.”

Antifa (Anti-Fascism) like the Alt-Right and the good-old days KKK is White Zionist group (claimed by anti-Muslim Richard Spencer in August 2017) which is against Blacks, non-White immigrants but supports the Zionist regime.

It seems another false flag to impose gun-control which has long been a dream of organized Jewry.

Israeli historian Israel Shahak claims that Jewish hatred of Christianity is by birth. Listen below a Christian’s comments on this false flag and Jews.

In February 2016, a study released by The American Journal of Medicine claimed that United States has world’s highest death by non-war gun violence.

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