UK Hindu minister urges military aid to Israel

British foreign aid minister Priti Patel, 45, has urged anti-Muslim prime minister Theresa May to provide aid to Israel Occupation Force (IOF) to defend Israel from it next-door enemies – Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, and Iranian fighters in Syria.

She also suggested that London should provide humanitarian to the Israel-occupied Syrian territory Golan Heights where Israel army runs field clinics to provide medial treatment to wounded members of ISIS terrorist group.

Priti Patel was in Zionist entity on a 12-day private trip in August this year. She was accompanied by a senior official from Israeli embassy. Israeli ambassador in London Mark Regev knew about the purpose of her “family trip” – but UK’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson, with Turkish Jewish family roots, claims that she didn’t inform him about her holiday in Israel (watch video below).

During her visit, she held meetings with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several of his senior cabinet ministers.

Labour’s shadow foreign aid minister Kate Osamor (Jew) said in a statement: “If priti Patel doesn’t resign, Theresa May must launch a full Cabinet Office investigation and uncover what really went on.”

Britain’s arms sale and military cooperation with Jewish army has existed for a long time.

Ms. Patel was born into a Ugandan Hindu family. She is Tory MP from Witham and a blind supporter of the Zionist regime. She has robbed UK’s taxpayers of £630,000 against sick-leaves since 2010. Her husband Alex Sawyer is paid £25,000 to run her office while holding two other jobs.

Ms. Patel is a supporter of death penalty. In a 2012 interview with Richard Porritt, she said: “For child murders I support capital punishment. I am talking about a deterrent in the justice system. Currently we spend far too much on our prisoners. What this Government is doing is looking at bringing in a payment-by-results for prisoners. I think that will improve the standards of rehabilitation.”

Ms. Patel’s parents were from Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, also known as the Butcher of Gujarat state.

It’s said that the Father of Zionist Entity, David Ben Gurion had advised his Zionist sheep that they would find best allies among Hindu and Christian extremists.

2 responses to “UK Hindu minister urges military aid to Israel

    • I didn’t bother to search Alex Sawyer’s religious background as Britain like United States, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe is ruled by anti-Muslim Christian Zionists.

      However, in order not to spoil Balfour Declaration’s 100th birthday, Theresa May has sacked the Hindu Zionist minister.

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